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Kefalonia or Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands in western Greece. The capital of Kephalonia is Argostoli. Most of the island was destroyed in the 1953 earthquake with only Fiskardo in the north being undamaged.
Due to most of the islands towns and villages being rebuilt after the earthquake some people would say that Kefalonia doesn’t have the same “authentic” Greek feel to it that some of the other islands do. It also doesn’t have ancient sites to visit and explore like some of the other islands do.
That said, Kefalonia is regularly in the top 10 lists for best Greek island for a reason, it has crystal clear waters, lots of vegetation which isn’t always the case on other Greek islands and plenty of natural beauty spots to visit from the stunning Myrtos beach to the awesome Melissani Lake Cave.
Kefalonia was the setting for the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin so if you’ve watched that film and thought how beautiful the island looked then this is the place for you. Most of the filming took place in Sami with the camp site of the Italians based on the beach of Antisamos bay.

Current Weather in Kefalonia
clear sky
humidity: 98%
wind: 9m/s NW
H 20 • L 19
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

Above is the current weather in Kefalonia and below is the average climate graphs.

Best Time to visit Kefalonia

The best time to visit is early or late in the season, the mass crowds arrive around the middle of June and it stays busy until the end of August, June to August is also the hottest time of year and temperatures can get in to the 30s which can be too hot for some so if that’s you we’d advise visiting early or late, or both!


Top 3 resorts in Kefalonia

In our opinion the three resorts that most people should consider when thinking of a holiday to Kefalonia are, Lassi, Skala and Argostoli.

Lassi isn’t to everyone’s tastes but it’s close to the best beaches and is a good location for travelling the island so as long as you don’t mind the fact that it’s made for tourists and lacks a bit of character then it’s a great place to go.

Skala has a little more character but the beach isn’t as good as those in Lassi, it has a lot of other facilities and if you just want to enjoy a relaxing break with everything on the doorstep then there’s no better place.

Argostoli is for those that want the bigger town feel and busier nightlife, with the harbour front tavernas and restaurants as well as the late night bars and even a couple of clubs keeping you entertained in the evenings, there’s no beach but you aren’t far from the Lassi beaches.

Full Kefalonia resort guide

If those 3 don’t take your fancy then click the blue button below to go to the full Kefalonia resort guide where you can filter all of the towns and villages based on amenities like if it’s on the beach, if it has nightclubs, if it’s a picturesque or traditional place and many more options.

Kefalonia Resort Guide
Kefalonia Beach Map

Kefalonia has an abundance of fantastic beaches with varying styles across the island, around Lassi you’ll find soft sand beaches, often with music and good facilities. The beaches in the south vary from sand to shingle and tend to be quieter the north is where you’ll find the beautiful pebble beach of Myrtos.

Top 3 beaches in Kefalonia

Our top three beaches in Kefalonia Are the gorgeous Makris Gialos, the soft sands, top quality facilities, crystal clear waters and the superb location close to the ever popular resort of Lassi make this probably the most widely used beach on the island. We couldn’t really have a top 3 beaches in Kefalonia without including Myrtos, it’s a picture postcard of a beach, particularly when viewed from above. You’ll probably need a car or a tour to get there but it’s worth the effort. Finishing up our top 3 is Skala, similar to Makris Gialos in that it’s very popular due to the local resorts popularity, it also has great facilities and it’s huge so no problem with overcrowding.

Full Kefalonia beach guide

If you’re looking to visit some of the more obscure or lesser known beaches whilst in Kefalonia then click the button below to go to the full Kefalonia beach guide where you can use the filters to find the best beaches to suit your tastes and preferences.

Kefalonia Beach Guide
kefalonia-sights Kefalonia doesn’t have a huge wealth

Top 3 Things to do in Kefalonia

Our favourite sight seeing destinations in Kefalonia are the stunning Caves of Melissani and Drogorati as well as well as the castle of Saint George.

At Melissani you get a guided boat tour on the lake that takes you through the amazing rock formations and shows you the large chamber where the roof collapsed and sun light creates beautiful blue patterns all over the cave walls.

The Drogorati caves are your more traditional style caves made from limestone and with stalagmites and stalactites, they are close to Melissani so you can easily do both in one day.

Although there’s not a great deal to do at the castle of Saint George it does offer unrivalled views over the island and neighbouring islands too on a clear day.

Full Kefalonia Sight Seeing Guide

To find out more about the other tourist attractions and sight seeing destinations on the island click the button below. You can then filter the list to find the perfect places to keep you entertained on your holiday.

Kefalonia Sight Seeing Guide
If you want a lively night out with bars and clubs then you will have to head to Argostoli as this is the only resort that has anything close to this, I still wouldn’t expect anything like what Falaraki or Kavos have to offer but there’s certainly some late night drinking to be had. The next most lively resorts are Skala and Lassi but these certainly aren’t for clubbers.

The Nightlife in the rest of Kefalonia revolves mainly around bars rather than clubs, Kefalonia is most popular with couples and families so if your plan is to go for a nice meal, relax by the harbour or beach, stroll round the streets and maybe have a few cocktails or some local wine before bed then this is definitely the place for you. Go to Argostoli and sit at one the restaurants around the squares and soak up the atmosphere, take a walk up the Lassi ‘strip’ and stop off for a pint of Mythos on the way. This is a slow paced island and should be enjoyed that way.

  • Fiscardo Kefalonia
  • Castle of Saint George Kefalonia
  • St Gerasimos Monastery Kefalonia
  • Mounda Beach Kefalonia
  • Drogorati Caves Kefalonia
    Drogorati Caves
  • Theodoroi Lighthouse Kefalonia
  • Makris Gialos Beach Kefalonia
  • Sami Kefalonia
  • Argostoli Kefalonia
  • Lixouri Kefalonia
  • Lassi Kefalonia
  • Poros Beach Kefalonia
  • Myrtos Beach Kefalonia
    Myrtos Beach
  • Mount Aenos Kefalonia
  • Mounda Beach Kefalonia
  • Lourdas Beach Kefalonia
    Lourdas Beach
  • Xi Beach Kefalonia
  • Minies Beach Kefalonia
  • Melissani Lake Cave Kefalonia
    Melissani Lake Cave
  • Agia Efimia Kefalonia
  • Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
The Flight time from London to Kefalonia is about three and a half hours without stops, there are usually direct flights from other airports in the UK as well and these will be about the same flight times give or take 10 minutes.

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There’s no shortage of hotels in Kefalonia and the widget below will take you to where you can find the best priced hotels for your stay.

Car hire is a great option in Kefalonia, there’s a lot to see and from one end of the island to another can take over an hour by car so it’s much nicer to be in your own vehicle than in a taxi or on a hot bus. Use the form below to fill in your travel dates and get quotes for your trip.

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