Acknowledgements and Thanks

Our thanks go out to everyone that has helped make Which Greek Island such a great place to learn all about Greece. Special thanks go to…

General Content Suppliers

Alan Lamb
Danielle Bricker


Island Specialists

Alan Lamb – Skiathos / Kefalonia / Thassos / Rhodes / Kos

Direct supplying Photographers

Alan Lamb

Creative Commons Photographers

Photographers who have supplied images through creative commons licensing or directly given permission to use their work.

barry gahan (Flickr)
PapaPiper (Flickr)
Marcus T Ward (Flickr)
Son of Groucho (Flickr)
clurr (Flickr)
garybembridge (Flickr)
currybet (Flickr)
harout (Flickr)
Titanas (Flickr)
*Michelle*(meechelle) (Flickr)
Simosprizz (Flickr)
simononly (Flickr)
iriskh (Flickr)
Ronny Siegel (Flickr)
VSmithUK (Flickr) – image edited to improve contrast/brightness/saturation
Mahisha (Flickr)
mcgrayjr (Flickr)
Rennett Stowe (Flickr)
Kassandra Bay Resort (Flickr)
irkett (Flickr)
ronsaunders47 (Flickr)
G. Deoudis (Flickr)
Sir Adavis (Flickr)
Alexander Saprykin (Flickr)
Kamyar Adl (Flickr)
Neil Thompson (Flickr)
Cosmin Prund (Flickr)
Gardiki Castle By Robin from Kraków, Poland
Will Bakker (Flickr)
Vince Smith (Flickr)
Sascha Askani (Wikimedia Commons) – Pondikonissi Island – image edited to improve vibrancy.
Kurt Bauschardt (Flickr)
Chris Parker (Flickr)
wiseguy71 (Flickr)
Christian van Elven (Flickr)
Merle ja Joonas (Flickr)
Petr Aust (Flickr)
Vince Smith (Flickr)
Mark Koester (Flickr)
Edward Dalmulder (Flickr)
Kurt Bauschardt (Flickr)
Russavia (Wikimedia Commons) – Asclepion
Steve Talas (Flickr)
TijsB (Flickr)
Michael Button (Flickr)
Daniel H. (Flickr)
Anna & Michal {Flickr)
Andy Mitchell (Flickr)
Heiko Gorski (Moonshadow) – (Wikimedia Commons) – Asclepion – image edited to straighten and improve colour and contrast.
John Whitmarsh / Tewkes (Flickr)
Antiochos Sidetes (Flickr)
Gianluca Campanella (Flickr)
Dimitris Siskopoulos (Flickr)
landhere (Flickr)
Chris Barnes (Flickr)
Random_fotos (Flickr)
limitsios (Flickr)
[email protected] (Flickr)
Kees Wielemaker (Flickr)
Robin (Flickr)
Steve C (Flickr)
Heather Cowper (
Cosmin Prund (Flickr)
Tony Hassall (Flickr)
Cristian Ghe. (Flickr)
Spyros Kapsaskis (Flickr) (Flickr)
Kristoffer Trolle (Flickr)
Luigi Rosa (Flickr)
Andy Davies (Flickr)
Marcus Povey (Flickr)
Fabian van der Kroe (Flickr)
ronnyraschke77 (Flickr)
Klearchos Kapoutsis (Flickr)

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