About Aegina

Aegina is a Greek island in the saronic group close to Athens on the main land. For this reason it’s popular with Athenians and other Greeks who take the short ferry from Piraeus for weekend breaks, day trips or longer holidays.

Getting to Aegina

Aegina doesn’t have it’s own airport but it’s proximity to Athens makes it fairly easy to get to, once you arrive at Athens airport there’s a 45 minute trip from there to Piraeus port where you can pick up the ferry or dolphin over to the island. Ferry’s will take around 75 minutes to make the crossing with the flying dolphin being almost half that at around 40 minutes.

Prices vary but a good estimate is somewhere from £30 to £50 for 2 passengers with a car or £10 to £20 for a single passenger on foot. It’s a good idea to book your trip early to make sure you get on the ferry you want and don’t end up waiting at Piraeus. The ferry’s run very regularly, in the summer months there can be close to 20 crossings a day meaning you can pick and choose when you come and go.

Best time to visit Aegina

Like most of Greece, the best time to visit is during the summer months, that’s when the tourist bars and restaurants are open and at their most atmospheric. That doesn’t mean you can’t visit at other times and Aegina is a good option out of season as there is always flights to Athens from the UK and the ferries run regularly throughout the year.

Who would enjoy Aegina

Aegina isn’t the most picturesque island and it’s not renowned for it’s beaches. It does however have some good historical sites and some decent night life options, particularly in the capital. It’s not great for kids with just a handful of activities to keep them busy so families might want to look elsewhere but if you’re in Athens and fancy a short stop on an island to get away from the busy city then Aegina is ideal.

Where to stay in Aegina

This will depend on your personal preferences and our resort guide will help you to make that decision. Generally, if you want to have access to the best night life and all the amenities like supermarkets, shops, cash machines and anything else then Aegina Town is the perfect spot. If you want to be close to the beach then Agia Marina is where you choose. Other options are more specific to your needs but as Aegina is such a small island, wherever you choose you’ll be a maximum of 30 minutes from anywhere else on the island.

Current Weather in Aegina

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