Panormos Beach Mykonos
Panormos Beach Mykonos photo by GanMed64 on Flickr

About Panormos Beach

Panormos is medium-sized, secluded beach found on the northern coast of the island, that took its name from the village “Panormos”, a small pretty village in Mykonos away from noise and large crowds.

Panormos Beach has a body of golden sand that spreads evenly through its scope and crystal clear blue waters. The beach is completely natural and free from any amenities and commercial activity. This makes it a perfect spot for small groups of people that prefer tranquillity over large party beaches like that of Super Paradise and Psarou.

The only amenity found a few meters away from the shore is a small traditional taverna with a bar, serving popular drinks, coffees, and local Greek dishes. There also a few small hotels and villas for rent nearby that offer spectacular views of both the village and the shore.

The beach is accessible by boat and by bus stopping a couple of minutes walk away from the bay. Alternatively, if you have a car, scooter, buggy or quad there is parking available a short walk from the beach.

Panormos Beach Facilities

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