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Mykonos Sights Map
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What to do in Mykonos

Mykonos, and the neighbouring island of Delos have a number of museums, galleries and archaeological sites for the history and art lovers amongst you. There’s also a number of churches that date back hundreds of years for those that are fascinated by religion or the impressive icons and history that goes with it.

There’s also Little Venice, Tria Pigadia and the Mykonos Town windmills that are all worth a visit, particularly if you are staying close to the capital as everything is on the doorstep. A little further afield is Armenistis lighthouse, not much to see there but makes for a lovely photo at sunset.

Which Greek Island would definitely recommend embarking on the tour of Delos island, it’s absolutely worth taking the day off from partying or sunbathing to explore this fascinating little island and soak up all it has to offer, from the lions to the museum there’s no shortage of history and culture here.

Filterable Mykonos Sight Seeing Guide

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