Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town Zante photo by Andy Davies on Flickr

About Zakynthos Town

The original capital of Zante Island may have been destroyed by a 1953 earthquake, but the current town of Zakynthos has been reconstructed in a dazzling Venetian style and is back to being the heart and soul of this Ionian island. Its status as a commercial centre and close proximity to the airport means hotels are plentiful and affordable, and you’ll find several traditional taverns dishing up fresh fish and mouthwatering souvlaki.

Hop on a guided tour of town and visit one of the area’s museums like the Post Byzantine Art Museumor the Solomos Museum. Alternatively, take a more religious angle to your exploration and go to the the Church of St. Dionysios, Zakynthos’ patron saint. An August festival honours Dionysios with a parade and tremendous flea market.

If you’re not visiting in summer, you can still find plenty of shopping opportunities with vendors offering clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and many locally made products. Nightlife in the area is calm with a few bars playing a variety of music, both Greek and international.

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Zakynthos Town Zante photo by Andy Davies on Flickr

Zakynthos town streets photo by Heather Cowper From

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