Greek Island Photo Competition

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and how true that is, especially when looking for a holiday. Unfortunately for me I don’t have the time to travel to every Greek island and take photos of all the villages, beaches and sight seeing attractions no matter how much I would like to. For that reason I’ve decided to give away £100 Amazon credit to the person that sends me the best photo that I can use on the site.

By submitting your photos to the competition you are granting me permission to use them on the site. All photos must be your own work and free from watermarks.


Tips for taking great photos.

Some examples

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia
Saliara Beach Thassos
Old Fortress Corfu
St Gerasimos Monastery Kefalonia
Kerkyra Corfu

Enter the competition

All entries must include the island name and the beach/attraction/village name. Images must be at least 1024×685 but preferably larger. To submit your entry simply click the button below to be taken to our contact page where you can upload the image and the required information.

The closing date for entries is October 31st and we’ll contact the winner in early November by email to let them know they’ve won.