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Kefalos is a lovely village built on the hill in the south west of Kos and sprawling out over the surrounding areas. Kefalos is roughly 15km from the airport and 40km from Kos Town. In Kefalos you’ll find the folklore museum as well as many restaurants and hotels.


Zia is a small picturesque village up in the mountains near Asfendiou in Kos. It's filled with restaurants, many of which have balconies that give spectacular views and for that reason they get extremely busy at sunset throughout summer time.

Basilica of Saint Stefanos

The Basilica of Saint Stefanos is located right next to the beach of the same name towards the south of Kos island. The basilica isn’t particularly big, just 1500 square metres and consists of some walls, lots of column pieces and a mosaic floor piece.

Kastri Islet

Kastri is a tiny rocky islet off the coast of Kos and close to Agios Stefanos beach. It measures just over 150m north to south and just under 150m east to west. It's around 180m off the coast of Kos, this means it's actually possible to swim to if you're a strong swimmer.

Neratzia Castle

Neratzia castle, sometimes simply known as Kos Castle or the castle of Kos is a large fortification overlooking the harbour in Kos town. Entrance to the castle is 4€ per person, there's not much info inside but you can spend as long as you want inside.

Paleo Pili

Paleo Pili is the ruins of a Byzantine castle close to the middle of Kos island. Around the site you’ll find a couple of different walking paths, one leads up to the castle itself and passes by an old church. The other heads down to the cafe.

Antimachia Castle

Antimachia castle is a huge fortress located close to the middle of Kos island it covers an area of around 40,000m2. The views from inside the castle are spectacular, on a clear day you can see all the way out to sea and even over to neighbouring islands.


The Asclepeion is a place of healing linked to Hippocrates that dates back over 2000 years. It’s found just inland from the capital Kos Town. It’s a vast site with ancient ruins of buildings, arches and pillars as well as steps to each of the three raised levels.

Aspri Petra

Aspri Petra, otherwise known as the white stone cave is found on mount Zini right down in the south of Kos island. Once there you’ll see a small entrance to the cave and some stones that you’ll have to climb over, getting into the cave can be a little tricky.

Agios Ioannis Thymianos Monastery

Agios Ioannis Thymianos Monastery is found in the south west of the island. It's quite small but inside you'll find some incredible wall and ceiling art, wood carvings and other religious items. Outside there's a traditional bell tower, a small cafe and seating area.

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