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Altar of Dionysus

The Altar of Dionysus is a small historical site that dates back to the 2nd century B.C. so roughly 2200 years old and consisted of a stone built temple and altar. There’s a number of columns scattered around the rectangular altar and some foundation stones.

Ancient Agora

The ancient agora dates back to the 3rd century BC and was a market and meeting place for the ancient Greeks who lived in Kos. The site is free to enter and wander around, on the north side you’ll find the ruins of a temple dedicated to Hercules.

Ancient Gymnasium

The ancient Gymnasium of Kos, also known as Xisto dates back nearly 2500 years. It's located in the capital Kos town and covers around 6000 square meters. It contains some fantastic historical elements including columns, archways, buildings and mosaics.

Antimachia Castle

Antimachia castle is a huge fortress located close to the middle of Kos island it covers an area of around 40,000m2. The views from inside the castle are spectacular, on a clear day you can see all the way out to sea and even over to neighbouring islands.


Kastro is the remains of the biggest medieval town on Skiathos which was occupied from the twelfth century till 1830. Just a narrow strip of land connects the cliff to the island itself. Due to it’s position and fortifications Kastro was a secure place for the areas inhabitants.

Bohali Venetian Castle

Bohali Venetian Castle is located in the hills above Zakynthos Town, inside you’ll see the remains of prisons, churches, and many other buildings, unfortunately there’s not a huge amount left as the majority of the castle was destroyed by the 1953 earthquake.


Achilleion is a palace in the east of Corfu, approximately 10km south of Kerkyra and set in beautiful, well kept grounds and offers panoramic views. It was built by Elisabeth of Bavaria who was also known as Sissi, hence the name, Sissi’s Palace.


Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle on the west coast. Although the majority of the castle has fallen into disrepair there is a small underground chapel that’s interesting to look round. It's about 1000 feet above sea level which means it offers incredible views.

Church of Saint Spyridon

The church of Saint Spyridon is located in the old town of Kerkyra and worth a visit whether you are religious or not. It's a Greek Orthodox church that was built in the 1580s and boasts the highest bell tower in the Ionian islands.

Gardiki Castle

Gardiki Castle is a 13th-century Byzantine fort on the south west coast of Corfu. It’s an unusual octagonal shape with towers at the corners and although partially demolished it’s still an impressive site. The entrance is well preserved and the towers retain their full height.

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