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Red beach is one of the most famous beaches on Santorini and gets pretty busy at peak times. The beach is made up of red and black pebbles and surrounded by dramatic red cliffs. This is a unique and beautiful beach but can be tricky to get to.


Karterados beach has the usual dark sand with some stones, there's often dried up seaweed in the area but it's not a huge issue. There's wooden boardwalks between the loungers and up to the tavernas so you can get off the hot sand when walking.

Porto Vathy

Porto Vathy, also known as Marble beach is on the north east coast and has luxury sun loungers, music and gorgeous turquoise water. It's a small but popular beach so arrive early to claim your perfect spot on this stunning section of Thassos coast.

La Scala

La Scala is a sandy beach on the north coast, it's very popular due to the chillout style bar with music, WiFi, luxury loungers and good atmosphere. It has everything you need from table service cocktails to water sports.


Vathi is a fairly quiet and remote beach on the north east tip of Thassos and despite it’s small size it still boasts some gorgeous scenery, with trees lining either side and some of the clearest waters that you’ll find anywhere on the island.


Trypiti beach is found on the south coast, it's a good size beach, roughly 400m long and around 60m from shore to the trees at the rear. There's a large hotel at the western end of the beach and in front of the hotel is a bunch of luxury, stylish sun loungers.

Skala Prinos

Skala Prinos is a coarse sand beach with shingle in paces. It's a relatively small beach at just over 100m long but it continues into Aphrodite beach to the east and Etsies beach to the south west so it's perfect for a long stroll.

Skala Rachoni

Skala Rachoni beach is on the north west coast of Thassos, it stretches from Skala Rachoni harbour for over 400m. There’s sun loungers available for those that want them and they’re not tightly packed in like you find on some beaches.

Skala Sotiros

Skala Sotiros is a sandy beach, with some shingle in places, particularly around the entrance to the water. The beach itself is a kind of triangle shape, it's around 50m from front to back at the harbour end and tapers off to nothing at the other end.


Skidia is a tiny sandy beach in amongst the rocks between Aliki and Thimonia beaches on the south coast. Although there is a tiny beach most people that visit lay a towel on the rocks as the sandy part of the beach is barely big enough for a handful of people.

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