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Eleftherotria Monastery

Eleftherotria Monastery was established in 1962 and is one of the remaining active monasteries, with several nuns residing within its red and white walls. It's decorated with potted plants and offers spectacular panoramic views.

Agios Nikolaos Church

The delightful little Agios Nicholaos church is a whitewashed building with red doors and gates. It's found on the south east corner of Zakynthos, just above St Nicholas beach and boasts spectacular views of the Ionian sea and beach below.

Anafonitria Monastery

Anafonitria Monastery is located in the northwestern region of Zakynthos island. First founded in the 15th century, it features a tower and an entrance archway leading to a stone courtyard that's a beautiful and serene place to spend some time.

Blue Caves

The Blue Caves were discovered in 1897 and lie on the northern tip of the island, just below Skinari Lighthouse. Venture inside to see the sun light reflecting of the Ionian sea and glistening back of the white cave walls, this is where the name Blue Caves comes from.

British Cemetery

The British cemetery is a quiet place often missed by tourists, it’s located in the capital Kerkyra and is well worth a visit, the custodian George is always happy to speak to and show visitors around. Just remember to wear insect repellent as mosquitoes are rife.

Spianada Square

The Spianada is a large square located in front of the old Fortress in Corfu town. It's a central hub of the town, the Liston is part of the square and cricket is played on the esplanade. There's also lots of restaurants around that are perfect for a drink or meal.

Canal D’Amour

Canal D’Amour is a beauty spot on the north coast of Corfu, close to Sidari. It's famous for its tunnel of love, unusual rock formations and fantastic views. It's a great place to spend the day with a stroll along the cliffs, a visit to the beach and a meal in one of the tavernas.

Pantokrator Church

The little church of Pantokrator is located at the top of mount Pantokrator which is the highest point on the island. You’ll find it towards the north east of the island and as you might expect the views from up there are second to none.

Cape Drastis Thematic Park

Cape Drastis is a private section of the coast up in the far north west of the island that offers spectacular 360 degree views. The gorgeous white cliffs offer amazing backdrops and the area is understandably popular with photographers.

Gardiki Castle

Gardiki Castle is a 13th-century Byzantine fort on the south west coast of Corfu. It’s an unusual octagonal shape with towers at the corners and although partially demolished it’s still an impressive site. The entrance is well preserved and the towers retain their full height.

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