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Sotiros is a gorgeous little village offering views over the Aegean with less than 100 houses, a handful of places to stay, a couple of little churches and a single taverna. There's no beach but there is one just 5 minutes away on the west coast.


Vrachinari beach is usually pretty deserted, there are a handful of sun loungers and a taverna at the rear of the beach, the sea stays shallow making it decent for kids but there are some rocks around the entrance to the sea and at either end of the beach so not ideal.


Kambia is a less well known beach and lies on the western end of the south coast of Santorini, it's easily accessible via road and has some parking. Kambia is a quiet beach that offers natural shade and a views of the lighthouse at Faros and Red Beach.


Katharos beach is a typical Santorini black sand and pebble beach located in the north of Thira close to Oia. Katharos is a quiet and unorganised beach with no tavernas, sun beds, umbrellas and certainly no water sports. There is a taverna near by though.


Kolumbo beach or Cape Columbo is considered by locals to be the best beach in the north of the island. There's a quiet section to the east which is often used by naturists and a taverna and loungers to the west that's more popular.


Akrotiri beach is a long but fairly narrow pebble beach on the south coast of the island close to the Ancient Akrotiri archaeological site. There's a taverna as well as some interesting cave houses on the beach that are used for storing fishing boats.


Baxedes beach is on the northern coast of Santorini close to Oia. It's a quiet and rustic beach with the usual black sand and pebbles plus some seaweed in places. It's surrounded by dramatic white cliffs and is almost deserted.


Pori beach stretches out for over a kilometre from the cliffs at Kolumbo beach in the north all the way down to Pori port to the south. It's largely deserted, pebble underfoot, backed by impressive cliffs and generally pretty rugged.


Vourvoulos beach is on the northeast coast of Santorini close to Imerovigli. The beach has grey sand and doesn’t attract too many tourists so is normally pretty quiet. That being said there are still loungers and umbrellas available and a taverna too.


Caldera is a small beach in the south of Santorini, there's minimal facilities, you wont find any sun beds or umbrellas here and no water sports either. There are however fabulous views over the caldera and the other islets that make up Santorini.
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