Which Greek island has the best nightlife?

The Greek islands offer a variety of night life options that would suit everyone from teenagers to pensioners, the trick is making sure you pick the right one for you.

Party Animals

For the party people out there, some of the obvious choices are Laganos in Zakynthos, Faliraki in Rhodes, Kavos in Corfu, Malia in Crete and Kardamena in Kos, all of these places will offer cheap accommodation, cheap drink and long nights drinking.


The less obvious places that are worth looking at are Mykonos and Ios both have great beaches for lounging in the day as well as cracking bars and clubs. The atmosphere on both islands is superb with all day beach parties and all night clubbing.

Mykonos has a reputation as a gay friendly island, this doesn’t mean that only gay people should go there and it certainly shouldn’t be the only island that gay people go to but definitely worth knowing.

Cocktail Sippers

If you enjoy a quiet cocktail in the evening then most islands can accommodate you, we’d recommend finding a decent sized island and staying close to the main town as that’s generally where the cocktails are found. If you go to Rhodes you can get one of these masterpieces in the old town.


You may find that cocktails are more expensive than a simple Mythos or glass of local wine but they’re not shy with the measures so take it easy (or not)!

Nice Meal

Those of you that prefer a nice meal and a bottle of wine on the terrace overlooking the sea can pretty much go where you like. Obviously stay away from places like Faliraki and Malia but almost all resorts on all the islands will have nice restaurants with good views and offer decent value for money.

Generally the local house wine is good quality and comes in either a 500ml or 1L carafe and the seafood is superb as it’s generally brought in fresh each day.

If you like variety then it might be worth picking a larger resort or town rather than the small villages which sometimes only have a couple of restaurants, alternatively simply get a cab or local bus to the next village and try their restaurants.

We highly recommend asking your hotel owner or any other local you get talking to where the best restaurants are, you can’t beat local knowledge for pointing you to the best places.

Thassos Nightlife

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