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About Thassos

Thassos or Thasos is the most northerly of the Greek islands. it’s part of the Aegean group and offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The island is relatively unspoiled by tourism whilst still offering all the amenities that a tourist requires.

Getting to Thassos

Unfortunately Thassos doesn’t have its own airport, the closest airport is Kavala on the mainland. From Kavala airport head to Keramoti port and take the short 30 minute ferry ride to the island.

Another route is to fly to Thessaloniki airport, the flights are usually a bit cheaper but as it’s further away from Keramoti port you’ll probably need to allow an extra couple of hours to make the drive.

It’s also possible to drive from Thessaloniki airport to Kavala port which reduces the drive but the ferry from Kavala port to Thassos takes longer and costs more so the choice is yours.

Who would like Thassos?

Thassos is recommended for those who like quiet and relaxing breaks, young families and couples will likely be more than happy here but the island may be a bit too quiet for teens or twenty somethings looking for late nights and partying.

Thassos has Golden beach which is arguably one of the best beaches in Greece, with soft golden sand a wealth of facilities and gorgeous waters, if you like beach holidays then Thassos could well be for you.

Best Time to visit Thassos

Like all Greek islands, Thassos is perfect for a summer holiday with pretty much all day sunshine and although it rains more than some of the south Aegean islands there is still minimal rain throughout the summer months.

The best time to visit is from late May to early October. June, July and August are the busiest times and the later in the year you leave it the warmer the seas will be. If you want a bit more peace and quiet then try to go just outside of the school holidays it’ll be quieter with less young families but still good weather.

Current weather in Thassos

Current Weather in Thassos
few clouds
humidity: 74%
wind: 3m/s N
H 25 • L 23
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

Thassos climate Information

Top 3 resorts in Thassos

The main resorts on Thassos are Limenas, the capital and Limenaria on the south coast. The lovely little village of Panagia is well worth a visit as well.

Limenas Thassos


Limenas is the capital of Thassos and it’s the perfect place to stay. You arrive here on the ferry so there’s no travel time, there’s also plenty to do, it’s close to some great beaches and there’s loads of bars and restaurants.

Limenaria Thassos


The second largest town on Thassos, Limenaria is on the south coast and like the capital it has a port, plenty of sea front restaurants and some lovely nearby beaches, what more could you want?

Bridge of Love Thassos


Panagia is a little different, it’s a picturesque and traditional Greek village built on the mountain side close to one of the islands best beaches on the east coast. It doesn’t have the wealth of amenities you get from other places but you do get a lot more character.

If those 3 don’t float your boat then click the button below to go to the full Thassos resort guide where you can filter all of the towns and villages based on amenities like if it’s on the beach, if it has night life, if it’s a picturesque or traditional place and many more options.

Top 3 beaches in Thassos

Our top three recommended beaches in Thassos Are the huge Golden beach, the picture perfect Alyki and the unusual Saliara

Golden Beach Thassos

Golden beach

Gorgeous soft sands as far as the eye can see. Covered with sunbeds to hire, backed by numerous bars, restaurants and shops. Water sports to keep you entertained and simple parking, no wonder it’s extremely popular.

Alyki Bay Thassos

Alyki Bay

Alyki is a small sheltered bay with 3 tavernas, it’s pretty much busy at all times due to it being small and popular. There’s some walking trails in the woods to north of the beach to get away from the crowds.

Saliara Beach Thassos


A small white beach with rocky edges, it’s tricky to get to and the sea can be a bit choppy at times but there’s a charm to this beach that’s hard to describe, why not see for yourself.

If you’re looking to visit some of the more obscure or lesser known beaches whilst in Thassos then click the button below to go to the complete Thassos beach guide where you can use the filters to find the best beaches to suit your tastes and preferences.

Top 3 attractions in Thassos

Thassos isn’t one of the islands that has a lot of historical sites to visit but there are still a few things you can do, why not visit Giola or the ancient Agora, alternatively take a tour of Mount Ipsarion and enjoy the views.

Giola Thassos


A natural rock pool on the south coast, some people get in for a swim but we can’t recommend this as when the tide picks up it can get dangerous. Worth a look though.

Ancient Agora Thassos

Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora is in Thassos town (Limenas) and is simply the ruins of an ancient settlement. Great for history buffs or just to have a wander round one afternoon.

Mount Ipsarion Thassos

Mount Ipsarion

The tallest peak on the island, why not take the 4×4 tour and soak in the spectacular views, or if you’re feeling energetic get your hiking boots on and have a walk round, you wont be disappointed.

To find out more about the other tourist attractions and sight seeing destinations on Thassos island click the button below. You can then filter the list to find the perfect places to keep you entertained on your holiday.

Thassos Night Life

Thassos is generally a laid-back island where the evenings are spent in a restaurant or bar around one of the harbors or on the seafront. There are a couple of lively bars and a nightclub in Limenas but nothing too boisterous.

Thassos Nightlife
Thassos Nightlife

Thassos Photo Gallery

  • Thassos Nightlife
    Thassos Nightlife
  • Fountains of love Thassos
    Fountains of love
  • Giola Thassos
  • Alyki Bay Thassos
    Alyki Bay
  • Paradise Beach Thassos
    Paradise Beach
  • Bridge of Love Thassos
    Bridge of Love
  • Glikadi Beach Thassos
    Glikadi Beach
  • Papalimani Beach Thassos
    Papalimani Beach
  • Thassos Nightlife
    Thassos Nightlife
  • Saliara Beach Thassos
    Saliara Beach
  • Limenas Thassos
  • Tarsanas Beach Thassos
    Tarsanas Beach
  • Ancient Agora Thassos
    Ancient Agora
  • Golden Beach Thassos
    Golden Beach

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