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Thassos Beaches

Thassos has some of the best sandy beaches of any of the Greek islands, Golden beach is an extremely long stretch of gorgeous soft sand on the east coast with hundreds of umbrellas and sunbeds as well as dozens of beach bars and shops lining the rear of the beach and multiple water sports vendors. If you’re looking for the perfect tourist beach this is a superb choice.

Alternatively, head to one of the other more low key beaches and relax away from the crowds. Whatever you’re looking for in a beach you are sure to find somewhere to suit your needs on Thassos and this guide will help you to find that perfect stretch of Aegean coast.

Our Thassos beach guide was built to give you an overview of all the lovely beaches on Thassos. Each page will give you a description of that beach including the local amenities and a Google map of the location to help you find it.

All you have to do is look at the map above, see what beaches are near where you plan to stay and then take a look at those beaches by clicking on the headings below.

Popular beaches in Thassos

Golden beach is probably the most popular on the island but due to it's size it doesn't feel crowded, with it's gorgeous sand it's great for families. 

La Scala has an upbeat atmosphere with music and quality loungers, it's small and that means it almost always feels packed. Another popular beach is Aliki on the east of the island, it's another small beach with tons of loungers and tavernas too.

Secluded Thassos beaches

Salonikios is a quiet beach with it's own character, it has sun loungers that appear to be made of pallets and driftwood as well as music playing to keep everyone who visits entertained.

Livadi is another good option, it's down on the south coast and is often free of any tourist facilities which is perfect for those that like to spend their days on the beach away from the crowds.

Picturesque Thassos beaches

Notos is a tiny beach towards the south of Thassos, it's surrounded by rock formations and has gorgeous turquoise waters so well worth a visit.

Another great choice for those that like to enjoy the scenery is Glyfoneri, it's up in the north of the island and surrounded by pine trees and rocks, it's a calm and peaceful bay so definitely check Glyfoneri out if that sounds like your cup of tea.

Sandy beaches in Thassos

Paradise beach is a gorgeous sandy stretch of coast out on the east of Thassos. It's over 300m long and has sections with loungers and sections that are clear. It's perfect for kids and adults so highly recommended for anyone that loves sandy beaches.

The second pick for sandy beaches is San Antonio, it's down in the south of the island and it's absolutely huge with loungers and plenty of open space, it's also great for young families and has water sports too.

Pebble beaches in Thassos

The pebble beaches in Thassos are mainly those out on the north east, close to the marble mines. So those are Saliara and Porto Vathy. There are others but a lot of the time they're a mix of sand, shingle and pebble.

Must see Thassos beaches

The two must see beaches on the island are easily Saliara and Porto Vathy, both have tiny white marble like pebbles and gorgeous turquoise waters making them a unique pair of beaches. Both are on the north east coast and just round the corner from each other so you can easily visit both in 1 day.

Top 42 Thassos Beaches

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Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis beach is a semi-private beach on the south coast, it's not actually private but as there's nothing else in the area and at the rear of the beach is the huge Thassos Grand Resort Hotel people staying there tend to make up the majority of people on the beach.

Agios Vasilios

Agios Vasilios beach is found on the north coast of Thassos and takes it’s name from the small chapel that sits just behind. Agios Vasilios beach is actually a continuation of Tarsanas beach so you could visit both at the same time if you wanted to.


Alexandra beach is a little over 300m long, it has coarse sand, shingle and pebbles under foot. well organised with 4 or 5 rows of sun loungers covering part of the beach as well as some luxury loungers available to hire.


Aliki is actually a 3 for 1 deal as there are a pair of beaches back to back and an archaeological site too. The main one that you come to first is just 250m long and very narrow, it has a selection of tavernas at the rear, most of which offer free sun loungers.


Arsanas is a small beach on the south coast of Thassos. Arsanas beach is mainly sand with some stones and pebbles around the edges. Getting to the beach is not simple as the road to the beach is a bit rough and it doesn't lead all the way down.


Astris is a sand beach located on the south coast of Thassos it's a decent size, roughly 260m long and 30m at it's widest point so you should be able to find a bit of space for yourself, even though it's pretty popular in the summer months.


Atspas is a small beach close to Skala Maries on the south west corner of Thassos. It has gorgeous soft sand and rocky scenery. The sea stays incredibly shallow for a long way out so it's the perfect place for kids to splash about and play in the water.


The rustic beach consists of soft, fine sand, a shallow entrance to the sea and some rocks around the edges. There’s no sunbeds, no taverna and definitely no music or water sports. It’s great for kids as they can play in the sand or paddle in the shallow waters.


Glyfada is a long but narrow semi private beach on the north coast of Thassos. Although not strictly private it's pretty much only visited by those staying in the Glyfada hotel that's right on the beach which means it remains fairly quiet throughout the year.


Glyfoneri is a small picturesque beach surrounded by hills that are covered in pine trees, the trees offer shelter and shade for long periods of the day so it’s probably not ideal for sun worshippers but for those that prefer to keep cool it’s perfect.


Golden beach is one of the most popular on Thassos island, It's just under 3km long so there's plenty of room for everyone and it never feels over crowded. Golden Beach has a shallow entrance to the sea and soft fine sand making it perfect for families with young kids.


Kinira beach is located near the village of Kinira, just north of Paradise beach on the east coast. It is a narrow sandy beach with some pebbles and a shallow entrance to the sea so it's good for letting young kids paddle in the shallow waters.

La Scala

La Scala is a sandy beach on the north coast, it's very popular due to the chillout style bar with music, WiFi, luxury loungers and good atmosphere. It has everything you need from table service cocktails to water sports.


Limanaki beach is the main beach in Limenas, it's covered with sand and small pebbles, it's not right in the centre of town as the old and new harbours take up most of the water front in the town, but it's just a couple of minutes walk up to the north east of the town.famil


Limenaria is a sand and pebble beach on the south coast of Thassos, as you might have guessed it's in the town of Limenaria. It's one of the more popular towns on Thassos so is the beach. It has tightly packed in sun loungers covering most of the sand.


Livadi is a small quiet and calm beach on the south coast of Thassos close to Giola. It's mainly coarse sand with stones mixed in, there’s also some rocks around the cliffs at the ends and some larger stones at the rear of the beach.


Makryammos is a gorgeous sandy beach on the north coast of Thassos, it's a private beach operated by the 4 star Makryammos bungalows complex which offers stunning modern accommodation with sea views set in the pine forests behind the beach.


Metalia is a shingle beach on the south coast just outside Limenaria, it's not ideal for kids as the coarse sand and small stones that make up the bulk of the beach are a little rough on delicate skin and there's a rocky and slippery entrance to the water too.


Nisteri is a narrow, tree lined, sandy beach on the north coast. It’s a shallow beach with soft sand that’s great for youngsters and the trees that line the beach offer some welcome shade. The beach is just over 250m long with a wider section close to the hotel.


Notos is a small, picturesque beach, right next to Rosogremos beach on the south coast of Thassos. It's surrounded by rock formations and trees making it a lovely place to sit and relax, it’s mainly sand under foot with some stones around the waters edge.


Pachis is a sandy beach on the north east coast of Thassos. It has calm waters and a shallow entrance to the sea making it great for little ones to play. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and has a few trees on the beach as well.


Papalimani is a narrow beach on the north coast. Although Papalimani beach is quite narrow, just 10m in places, there's still some good amenities including sun loungers as well luxury wooden group loungers which are nice to share with your partner or family.


Paradise beach is located on the east coast of Thassos. The beach is soft sand and the water is shallow for a good distance out making it absolutely perfect for little ones to play safely. There's no water sports so older kids in your group may get bored.


Pefkari beach is on the south west coast of Thassos. It’s a popular and well organised beach with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available to hire, a volleyball net and water sports as well as tavernas playing music and serving food and drink all day.


Platanes is a wide sand beach with a strip of stones at the waters edge, it’s found on the west coast, there’s a full range of tourist facilities including a taverna in the centre of the beach that plays music and serves food and drink.

Porto Vathy

Porto Vathy, also known as Marble beach is on the north east coast and has luxury sun loungers, music and gorgeous turquoise water. It's a small but popular beach so arrive early to claim your perfect spot on this stunning section of Thassos coast.


Potos is a popular sand and shingle beach on the south west coast close to Limenaria. It has a full range of facilities including water sports, toilets, showers, parking and multiple tavernas selling food and drink as well as playing music to entertain beach goers

Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos is a fairly small but popular sandy beach on the south coast, it has soft, fine sand and the water is pretty clear and a beautiful turquoise blue. The water shelves gently so kids can paddle in the shallows safely.


Rosogremos beach is a 200m long sand beach on the south coast of Thassos. It's lined with trees and is mainly sand with a rocky section towards the south east end of the beach. This is slightly separate but usually still has sun loungers available.


Saliara is a tiny little white pebble beach that's located on the north east corner of Thassos island. Saliara beach is just 70m wide and around 25m deep at it's largest, in the height of summer you'll find a taverna at the rear of the beach serving food and drink.


Salonikios is a secluded beach on Thassos' southern most tip, not far from Astrida, the beach has shingle underfoot with some sections being more sandy and others being more stony. There's unusual sun loungers made from laying cushions on pallets.

San Antonio

San Antonio beach, sometimes also known as Agios Antonios Beach is located close to Potos. It's a huge beach, it’s deep enough to have several rows of sunbeds and still have plenty of wide open space to simply lay out a towel or put your own umbrella up.

Skala Kallirachi

Skala Kallirachi is the small beach on the edge of the village with the same name. There's actually a couple of sections to Skala Kallirachi beach with the main sections round by the marina, these areas are mostly sandy and the water shelves gently into the sea.

Skala Maries

Skala Maries beach is found at the southern end of the west coast of Thassos. The beach is just 70m wide and 25m deep, it's mainly coarse sand but with some stones and shingle in places. There's sun loungers available to hire as well as toilets and showers too.

Skala Prinos

Skala Prinos is a coarse sand beach with shingle in paces. It's a relatively small beach at just over 100m long but it continues into Aphrodite beach to the east and Etsies beach to the south west so it's perfect for a long stroll.

Skala Rachoni

Skala Rachoni beach is on the north west coast of Thassos, it stretches from Skala Rachoni harbour for over 400m. There’s sun loungers available for those that want them and they’re not tightly packed in like you find on some beaches.

Skala Sotiros

Skala Sotiros is a sandy beach, with some shingle in places, particularly around the entrance to the water. The beach itself is a kind of triangle shape, it's around 50m from front to back at the harbour end and tapers off to nothing at the other end.


Skidia is a tiny sandy beach in amongst the rocks between Aliki and Thimonia beaches on the south coast. Although there is a tiny beach most people that visit lay a towel on the rocks as the sandy part of the beach is barely big enough for a handful of people.


Tarsanas is a small beach on the western edge of Limenas and if you're staying in the capital you can walk it in around 15 minutes. Once at Tarsanas beach you'll find an upmarket looking beach bar that plays chill out music and has luxury wooden loungers.


Thimonia beach is a quiet and rustic beach on the south coast. This beach is roughly 200m wide and about 20m from front to back. There's a small selection of sun loungers at the western end and a beach bar for refreshments but no water sports.


Trypiti beach is found on the south coast, it's a good size beach, roughly 400m long and around 60m from shore to the trees at the rear. There's a large hotel at the western end of the beach and in front of the hotel is a bunch of luxury, stylish sun loungers.


Vathi is a fairly quiet and remote beach on the north east tip of Thassos and despite it’s small size it still boasts some gorgeous scenery, with trees lining either side and some of the clearest waters that you’ll find anywhere on the island.

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