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Here you can find out everything you need to know about Greece and it’s stunning islands.

We’ll tell you which is the best Greek island for a particular style of holiday or you can research each island separately and make your own choice. You can use our islands page to filter the list of islands based on popularity, historical sites, night life, island group and many more options.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices click on each island heading and you’ll get an in-depth look at that island including climate graphs, current weather, a list of all resorts, towns and villages as well as descriptions of each beach and tourist attraction.

Alternatively, if you already know which island you want to go to then you can use our site to find the best place to stay, discover what sight seeing excursions are available in the area and even book flights, hotels and car hire.

Whatever you are looking for Which Greek Island should be your first port of call for anything to do with the Greek islands.

More about Which Greek Island

Which Greek Island was created in 2013 simply because I love traveling to Greece, and every time I planned a holiday I found myself Googling things like Which Greek Island has the best beaches or Which Greek island is best in September and having to spend hours on multiple sites to find the information I was looking for.

It was after a number of trips to the main islands that I decided it would be a good idea to put all the information in one place for future reference and for other people who love the Greek islands as much as I do.

That’s why Which Greek Island has all the information for each island on one page, with tabs for climate information, beach guides, resort guides, sight seeing attractions, flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals and even a gallery full of great quality photos.

Why is Which Greek Island the best?

Resort, beach and attraction descriptions

We’ve either been to or thoroughly researched each place that we talk about on Which Greek Island, that’s because we don’t want to give you some garbage information that ultimately leads to your holiday being a let down.

We want Which Greek Island to be the perfect resource for planning a holiday to Greece and that’s why we’re so careful about making sure that the information is correct, it’s also why we have a section on every page where users can offer corrections or updates to our pages

Tons of gorgeous photos

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and that’s why we’re always on the look out for the best photos from each and every town, village, beach and attraction that we feature on the site.

We like high resolution images that are well composed with nice bright colours to really show off the site where they were taken.

That’s why we always try to feature the main image right at the top of the page so you can immediately see what the place is like.

Weather and climate info

Greece generally has fantastic holiday weather throughout the summer months with endless bright sunny days and minimal rain, exactly what you want if you plan to top up your tan or swim in sea.

We know that when planning your holiday you want to be sure the weather is going to be perfect for your needs, that’s why we have historical climate information on each island so you can see the average temperature for each month of the year, but not only that, we also have charts for the average rainfall and sea temperature too so you’ll know exactly how much rain to expect in Santorini in June or what the sea temperature is like in Kos in September.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also feature the current weather and the forecast for the next few days so you can log on regularly before your holiday and see what the weathers like at your destination.

Quick look guides

We have a unique quick look guide to each town, village, beach and attraction on all the islands that we feature. 

Simply scroll down the page and you’ll be greeted by our signature blue and black icons that instantly give you an idea of what the place you’re looking at is like.

For example, if you want a beach with sun loungers then there’s an icon for that and another for water sports, one for parking and another if there’s somewhere to get food on the beach. As for towns and villages, there’s an icon to indicate the popularity, one for if it’s traditional Greek and another for if there is a historical site nearby.

Our favourite Greek Islands

Corfu is the most popular Greek island for British tourists, possibly because it’s the closest but also because it has so much to offer.

Santorini is that picture post card island in the Cyclades group with buildings growing out of the cliff side offering breathtaking views.

Kefalonia is a popular island in the Ionian group. It boasts great beaches, buzzing towns and villages with a welcoming spirit.

Skiathos is a cosmopolitan island in the Sporades group. It’s well known for it’s wealth of gorgeous sandy beaches and laid back night life.

Otherwise known as Zante, this gorgeous Ionian island is massively popular for youngsters partying but there’s way more to it.

One of the great all rounders, with lots of good beaches, plenty of historical sites, lively night life and fantastic weather all summer long.

Mykonos is widely renowned as being “gay friendly” and it is popular with homosexual travellers but straight people love it too.

Thassos is probably the greenest Greek island making it great for nature lovers, it also has some stunning beaches too.

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Book your Greek Island Holiday

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Calling all photographers

Here at Which Greek Island we’re always on the look out for good quality photos of places in Greece, so if you’re heading out this year or have some photos from your last trip that you’d like to share then please do.

The type of photos we need are those that really show off a particular village, town, beach or attraction. Preferably, clear, good resolution and free from distractions like auntie Anne smiling and waving in the foreground. We can often improve image colour, contrast and even remove some unwanted patches so still get in touch even if the images aren’t perfect. Thanks.