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We'll tell you which is the best Greek island for a particular style of holiday or you can research each island separately and make your own choice. You can use our islands page to filter the list of islands based on popularity, historical sites, night life, island group and many more options.

Once you've narrowed down your choices click on each island heading and you'll get an in-depth look at that island including climate graphs, current weather, a list of all resorts, towns and villages as well as descriptions of each beach and tourist attraction.

Alternatively, if you already know which island you want to go to then you can use our site to find the best place to stay, discover what sight seeing excursions are available in the area and even book flights, hotels and car hire.

Whatever you are looking for Which Greek Island should be your first port of call for anything to do with the Greek islands.

More about Which Greek Island

Which Greek Island was created in 2013 simply because I love traveling to Greece, and every time I planned a holiday I found myself Googling things like Which Greek Island has the best beaches or Which Greek island is best in September and having to spend hours on multiple sites to find the information I was looking for.

It was after a number of trips to the main islands that I decided it would be a good idea to put all the information in one place for future reference and for other people who love the Greek islands as much as I do.

That's why Which Greek Island has all the information for each island on one page, with tabs for climate information, beach guides, resort guides, sight seeing attractions, flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals and even a gallery full of great quality photos.

Climate Information

Climate Info

Which Greek Island offers climate information on every island including average high and low temperatures as well as sea temperature, average monthly rainfall and hours of sunshine. Simply find the island you are interested in visiting and then click on the climate tab.

Beach and Resort Guides

Resort and Beach Guides

Which Greek Island tells you all about the different resorts on each island, including their location, pluses and minuses as well as their character. Which Greek Island also describes the beaches and the sightseeing destinations in the same detail.


Gorgeous Photos

Which Greek Island has lots of stunning photographs from each island, you can see them mixed in with the descriptions of each resort, beach or attraction or look at them all together by going to the gallery section for that island.

From the blog

The latest guides, information, stories and helpful hints to give you as much info as possible for your Greek island holiday.

Featured Islands

Not sure where to begin? Why not have a look at one of these great islands...
  • Navagio Beach Zakynthos
    Off the western coast of mainland Greece, amid the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea, Zante Island or Zakynthos enchants visitors from around...
  • Fountains of Love Thassos
    Thassos is the most northerly Greek island and the 12th largest by area. It's a quiet island that's relatively unspoilt by tourism....
  • Mykonos Windmills
    Located in the heart of the Cyclades in-between Tinos, Syros, and Paros, over the south-eastern part of the Aegean sea, lies the famous Greek...
  • Vassillas Beach Skiathos
    Skiathos is an enchanting island and I challenge anyone to go there and not fall in love with the place. The island boasts over...
  • Kalamos Beach Ios
    Ios is a small island in the Cyclades group which has a reputation as a party island and attracts a lot of youngsters who...
  • Assos Kefalonia
    Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and lies west of mainland Greece and just above Zante, it's home to the fabulous Myrtos...
  • Old Fortress Corfu
    Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian islands behind Kefalonia, it has something for everyone, from nature reserves to all night parties, beautiful...
  • Santorini
    Santorini is a gorgeous volcanic island and this page tells you all about the island including climate, beach and resort guides as well as...

Angelene O'Brien

Which Greek Island helped us book our last holiday to Greece, we went to Kefalonia and we loved it! We stayed in Lassi and regularly visited Argostoli as well as traveling the island to see Fiscardo and Myrtos beach which is so beautiful. We also went to Melissani which is amazing! Without Which Greek Island we may have missed some of the best bits, so thank you very much!!

Calling All Photographers

Here at Which Greek Island we're always on the look out for good quality photos of places in Greece, so if you're heading out this year or have some photos from your last trip that you'd like to share then please do.

Photographers Wanted
The type of photos we need are those that really show off a particular village, town, beach or attraction. Preferably, clear, good resolution and free from distractions like auntie Anne smiling and waving in the foreground. We can often improve image colour, contrast and even remove some unwanted patches so still get in touch even if the images aren't perfect. Thanks.