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What's Pelekas like

Pelekas is on the west coast of Corfu, roughly opposite Kerkyra and around a 20 minute drive away from both the capital and the airport.

It’s a large village with tightly packed buildings that include several tavernas, restaurants and rooms to rent which is why it's become a hot spot for backpackers.

There isn’t a ton of hotels and certainly not any large all inclusive style hotels. There’s not a lot of other tourist facilities in Pelekas either which some may find be a bit frustrating but what it does mean is that it remains largely unspoiled with a local Greek feel to the village. 

Nearby Glyfada is a bit more developed and great for restaurants, bars and shops. It’s easy to head over to Glyfada by car, taxi or quad bike for a change of pace, and if you want even more options then you can always go to Kerkyra.

Pelekas nightlife

Nightlife in Pelekas is minimal with just a handful of tavernas, none of which routinely stay open late so if late night drinks are important to you then look elsewhere.

There is some more tavernas down by the beach but again there's no late night parties going on.

Pelekas is more suited to those who want to experience the Greek way of life and just want a simple meal and a few drinks of an evening.

What to do around Pelekas

Pelekas is not on the beach but there is one a short 10 minute walk down the hill to the coast, it’s often called Pelekas beach due to the fact that it’s so close to the village but it’s actually called Kontogialos beach.

Also nearby is Kaisers Throne, which is a fantastic raised deck where you can enjoy panoramic, 360°, uninterrupted views of the island.

Quick look guide to Pelekas

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Where is Pelekas

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Pelekas Houses Corfu
Pelekas by muffinn
Pelekas Beach Corfu
Pelekas beach by muffinn
Kontogialos Beach Corfu
Kontogialos beach by stefan m
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