Corfu Resort Guide


Who is the Corfu resort guide for?

Our Corfu resort guide is designed to help holiday makers as well as travellers decide which of the gorgeous towns and villages to visit on the Ionian island of Corfu.

If you’re one of those people who simply goes to the travel agent and books the first place that they suggest then you probably don’t need this page, if however you like to spend a bit of time making sure that the place your booking has all the amenities, near by historical sites or attractions and the perfect blend of night life and quiet relaxation then you’ve come to the right place.

The map above will help you to see where each village is and then you can check out where the attractions and beaches are on the Corfu beach guide and Corfu sight seeing guide and pick the perfect spot.

How does the Corfu resort guide work?

We’ve listed below the main resorts on Corfu, all you have to do is click the heading of the ones you are interested in and that’ll take you to a page that gives you a more in depth look at that particular resort.

Alternatively click the filters to narrow down the list of resorts to just those that have particular characteristics that you find desirable. The filters are cumulative so if you find that you’ve clicked too many and ended up with no results then simply remove one of the options that you have chosen or click the All button and it’ll reset everything so you can start again.

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