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A helpful guide to choosing where to stay in Corfu

When looking for the perfect destination for your Greek island holiday you first have to select an island, the fact you’re on our Corfu page hopefully means you’ve made that choice. The next thing to decide on is the town, village or resort where you want to stay and that’s where this page comes in handy.

We’ll go through the best places for couples, families and seniors as well as the best choice for specific needs, so if you’re someone that wants a traditional village or a town with night life or a resort on the beach then we’ll help guide you to the right place. Whatever your preference, by the time you’re done with this page you’ll know where you want to be and be ready to book.

The best places to stay in Corfu for couples

Couples can pretty much stay anywhere, there’s no right or wrong place for you, our personal preference when travelling as a couple is to stay close to the main town, in this case Kerkyra. The reason for this is it means we can sample the night life, restaurants and relax with a few drinks and not have to worry about driving back to the hotel or getting a taxi or anything like that. We find it much easier to drive to the beach or other destination during the day and then walk out in the evening.

If that sounds like you then Take a look at Kerkyra, it has all the culture, night life, restaurants and historical sites that you could possibly need. There’s tonnes of hotels available to suit most budgets and it’s in a pretty good location for visiting other parts of the island too.

Another option for couples is Sidari. The main benefit with Sidari is that it has everything you need, there’s a decent beach with water sports and pedalos as well as an almost endless supply of places to eat out or to head to for a drink in the evenings.

Other nice options are Kassiopi, which has a delightful little harbour that’s a great place to sit and have a meal or a glass of vino. Arillas is also somewhere that is recommended, particularly for those that prefer a slightly calmer and quieter break, it still has everything you need but just at a slower pace than somewhere like Sidari or Kerkyra.

If you want to know more about the places mentioned in this section then check out our pages on Kerkyra, Sidari and Kassiopi.

The best places to stay in Corfu for families

Corfu is an ideal destination for those with families, it’s the closest island to the UK so flight times will be less than to any other island which is a massive plus when travelling with youngsters. When choosing a place to stay with your family, you’re probably going to want somewhere that has a lot to offer, both to you as an adult but also to keep the kiddies entertained. For this reason, it’s hard to beat somewhere like Sidari. It’s one of the most popular package holiday destinations for a reason. There’s plenty of hotels, some with great pools including slides and other activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. There’s also a great beach where little ones will be more than happy to play on the sand or in the shallow water, older children will also love the water sports that are available on the beach.

Another option for families is Agios Georgios in the north west, it’s based around a fabulous beach that’s perfect for kids as it shelves gently and has soft sand so they’ll love playing on the beach for hours. Agios Georgios also has a few places to keep kids entertained in the evenings, it is a fairly low key place though so teens may get a little bored in Agios Georgios.

The same things can all be said for Agios Stefanos, it’s also in the north west and has a great beach that the kids will love as well as places for them to enjoy themselves in the evening too.

One last place to look into is Roda, it’s on the north coast and is an old fishing village that’s grown over the years and become a popular tourist resort, like the other places mentioned above, it has everything you’ll need as a family so check Roda out.

To find out more on the resorts mentioned take a look at these links to our pages on Sidari, Agios Georgios in the north west, Agios Stefanos and Roda.

Where should a group of single friends stay in Corfu?

If you’re going on a girl’s holiday or week away with the lads then the best option is most likely Kavos, it’s ideal for young singletons and groups of friends who want to soak up the sun in the day and then party in the evening. There’s loads of bars and clubs where you can keep drinking long into the night. It also has a great beach where you can relax and maybe sleep off the hangover from the night before.

Another option is Ipsos, it used to be the 18-30 resort in Corfu but Kavos has taken over that crown. This leaves Ipsos as a place that still has a lot of bars and other evening entertainment but in a slightly calmer atmosphere. This can be perfect for those who are not the biggest drinkers or those who are just outside the 18-30 age range and don’t fancy clubbing with the kids, you know who you are.

For more info head over to our Kavos page or our Ipsos page.

What's the best resort in Corfu for older couples

As we get older we tend to want to get away from the crowds or take in some culture on our holidays so below are some of the resorts that could appeal to the more mature amongst you.

Kerkyra, it’s crowded but it’s also full of historical sites and culture too. It may not be somewhere that you’d want to spend your entire holiday but you could split your time or simply visit for a couple of day trips, either way it’s a must see.

Agios Gordios, it’s a nice low key village, there’s a good selection of tavernas and it’s a short 30 minute trip from Kerkyra so can be a great option for those that don’t want to be in the capital but still want to visit.

For those that want a more secluded holiday, why not take a look at Kalami, it’s a titchy little place beneath the hills on the east coast. It has a traditional Greek feel to it and is perfect for people that just want to relax and enjoy the Ionian coast and Corfu’s countryside.

Interested in any of these places? Then click one of these links to find out more about them. Kerkyra, Agios Gordios or Kalami.

Quiet and traditional villages in Corfu

There’s no shortage of sleepy villages in Corfu that are simply perfect for anyone wanting a quiet and traditional Greek feel to their holiday. The first place we recommend looking at is Petriti, it’s a charming little fishing village that you’ll love, you can spend some time relaxing at the harbour front watching the colourful boats coming and going and then have a wander to one of the handful of tavernas for a nice meal. It’s not commercialised at all but may be a bit too quiet for some, the beach nearby isn’t the best either so you may need to travel if you like a sandy beach.

Kalami is a another small village with a smattering of tavernas and shops based around an idyllic horse shoe shaped bay. There’s a pebble beach and a few places to stay but that’s about it.

Finally, why not have a look at Agios Stefanos in the north east. It’s based around a picturesque harbour where you can soak up the atmosphere and gorgeous scenery over a nice local, traditional meal.

There’s more information on all of these pages on their own pages, you can find those by following these links. Petriti, Kalami and Agios Stefanos.

Corfu resorts with great night life

Kerkyra is the obvious pick here, it has tremendous night life options to suit all tastes, from clubs and cocktail bars to quiet traditional Greek restaurants as well as other cuisines. You really wont find a better option than the capital.

Second for general night life is Sidari, it’s got a bunch of places to eat and drink as the sun goes down and you’ll even find things like Karaoke and Greek dancing available in Sidari.

If you want a more lively night out then head for either Ipsos or Kavos. The latter being the main 18-30 style resort with endless bars, many British style pubs and cheap drinks too. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but if you’re looking to party on your Corfu holiday then Kavos is probably where you want to be. Ipsos is slightly quieter but still has loads of bars so could be a great alternative if you don’t want the all out drinking atmosphere of Kavos.

For more info on each of these towns go to their pages here Kerkyra, Sidari, Ipsos and Kavos.

Best Corfu beach resorts

The beach lovers amongst you have an almost endless list of places to look at, with that in mind, here’s our pick of the best beach villages.

Agios Georgios South, it’s a large spread out village that’s based around a huge beach. On the beach you can try your hand at wind surfing or enjoy some water sports. It has loads of room so never feels too crowded and there’s plenty of tavernas for food and drinks too.

Paleokastritsa is the perfect spot for beach goers as there’s 6 to choose from in the area, each with their own personality and charm, we’d recommend visiting a different one each day for a bit of variety.

Sidari is another popular choice as it has a huge beach with all the facilities you could ever need, on top of that you’re not far from Canal D’Amour which just gives you another option and is a stunning place to visit whilst on the island.

To get more in depth knowledge on each place mentioned in this section follow these links. Agios Georgios South, Paleokastritsa, Sidari and Canal D’Amour. Alternatively, hop over to the Corfu beach guide to get the full run down on all the major beaches of Corfu

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