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A helpful guide to the best beaches in Corfu

The Which Greek Island Corfu beach guide gives an in depth look at the best beaches in Corfu. With the island being so long from north to south, most people wont want to spend the couple of hours travel time to visit the beaches at the other end of the island so this page is great for helping you to pick the beaches that fit your needs but are also within a short journey of where you plan to stay.

Must see Corfu beaches

In our opinion the Corfu beaches that you really should try to take in whilst on the island are:

Halikounas, more of a sand dune than a beach, it separates the Ionian sea from Lake Korission in the south west of the island. With it being so large you’ll always find some space to yourself and there’s a kite surfing school for the more adventurous. Easy to get too, plenty of parking and remote enough for an all over tan if you fancy it.

Kalamaki, another huge beach, this time in the north east of Corfu. It stays shallow for a long way out making it perfect for little people or weak swimmers and has a wealth of tourist facilities to keep you entertained.

Glyfada, this popular beach is in the middle of the island and offers a good mix of gorgeous scenery and an upbeat atmosphere, not to everyone’s taste but if you like a bit of music and water sports then Glyfada is a great choice.

Popular beaches in Corfu

The most popular beaches in Corfu tend to be those based around the larger resorts. Places like Sidari, Kavos and Glyfada all have very popular beaches with tons of things to keep youngsters entertained as well as a wealth of amenities like sun loungers, water sports, tavernas for food and drink as well as gorgeous scenery.

Secluded Corfu beaches

There are a number of fantastic secluded beaches, most of which you wont find on the internet, so travelling round the coast to see what you can find it a great idea. There are places like Myrtiotissa beach as well as Kerasia and Agios Spyridon that are ideal if you simply want to get away from the crowds of the main beaches, not sure you’d really call them secluded though.

Top 25 Corfu Beaches

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Acharavi is a long pebble and sand beach on the north coast. The water at Acharavi is shallow and there are plenty of shops and cafes that line the edge of the beach making it easy to get food, drink and toys if required. Acharavi beach also has water sports and sunbeds.

Agios Georgios Pagon

The sandy beach at Agios Georgios in the north of the island is long and wide, particularly in the middle. Agios Georgios offers all the facilities you need like umbrellas and sunbeds to hire, water sports like jet skis, paragliding, banana boats, canoes and wind surfing.

Agios Georgios South

Agios Georgios South is a long sandy beach on the south west coast and is surrounded by olive groves. There's a full set of facilities here including sunbeds and umbrellas to hire, water sports, toilets, changing facilities and plenty of beach side tavernas.

Agios Gordios

The long golden sand beach at Agios Gordios stretches for 1.5km and has crystal clear water. You can hire sunbeds and umbrellas, boats, canoes and enjoy water sports too. The only thing to look out for is the strong currents that sometimes affect the west coast beaches.

Agios Spyridon

Agios Spyridon is a lovely sandy beach that slopes gently into the sea making it ideal for kids. There's umbrellas and sun loungers, a beach bar for food and drink as well as showers, toilets and changing facilities. Despite all these amenities it remains pretty quiet.

Agios Stephanos

Agios Stephanos beach, sometimes called San Stefanos, is located on the north west corner of the island. The beach is over a mile long, has soft sand and shallow water making it perfect for little ones. Although pretty popular it never feels crowded.

Agni Bay

Agni Bay is an unspoiled shingle and sand beach on the north east of the island. It has a steep, narrow, winding road heading down to the bay with a car park at the bottom of the road. There are three tavernas on Agni Bay, each one offering free sunbeds to customers.


Agnos is an organised beach with loungers and a taverna that's on the north coast just west of Roda. It's sandy and shelves gently into the sea which makes it great for families as little ones can play safely in the shallows, just watch out for strong waves.


Astrakeri is on the north coast of Corfu between Roda and Sidari. It's a large rustic beach with minimal facilities, it'is mainly sand but with some pebbles in places, the water is shallow which means it’s ideal for kids but it does drop steeply once you get a bit further out.


Avlaki beach is in the north of Corfu, between Agios Stefanos and Kassiopi, it's a quiet pebble beach and the sea is clear making it the perfect spot for snorkelling. There are often stronger winds in the north so you may find the sea can be a little choppy.


Benitses is a sand and pebble beach on the east coast, about 15-20 minutes south of Kerkyra, it has calm waters and is well sheltered from the wind. Benitses is an organised beach with tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas as well as showers and water sports.


Dassia is a long but narrow shingle beach on the east coast, it has several beach bars and trees at the rear for shade. It’s organised with a couple of rows of sunbeds and there's a platform around the middle where you can dive into the crystal clear water.


Ermones is a sand and pebble beach on the west coast of Corfu. The beach is surrounded by dramatic lush green hills making this a pleasant place to spend a day or two. The hills also mean that it doesn’t get too windy and the sea remains calm.


Glyfada is a popular beach on the west coast of Corfu, roughly in line with the airport. The beach is surrounded by rocky, tree covered hill side, has soft golden sand and beautiful clear water and a selection of water sports so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.


Halikounas, often called Chalikounas, is a vast sandy beach on the south west coast of Corfu, right on the edge of Lake Korisson. The beach has soft golden sand with some rocks. There are a couple of tavernas, one at the start and one around the middle.


Ipsos is a narrow but very long sand beach with pebbles in places. With shallow and calm water, Ipsos is great for children and with water sports available and bars, shops and cafes lining the road that runs behind the beach adults will like it here too.


Kalamaki is a large sandy beach on the north east corner of Corfu. It’s in the bay of Apraos and that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as Apraos beach. There are multiple tavernas around the middle of the beach serving food and drinks to keep you refreshed.


Kavos beach is a 2km stretch of sand on the south coast, it’s on the edge of Kavos town and for that reason it’s ideal for the 18-30 crowd, it offers water sports including jet ski, banana boat and doughnut rings as well as other activities like bungee jumping.


Kerasia beach is located up in the north east corner of Corfu, it's a picturesque tree lined pebble beach with great views out to Albania. Kerasia is a fairly quite beach, there are sunbeds as well as a taverna and beach bar. The end with the taverna is the popular.

Large Nissaki

Large Nissaki lies slightly north east of small Nissaki on the east coast, it’s a long but fairly narrow shingle and pebble beach. There's sun loungers with trendy seating, table service for your food and drink and water sports to keep everyone entertained.


Mirtiotissa is a secluded beach on the west coast that is mainly used by nudists. There's a small beach bar but no other facilities. There’s a narrow, difficult but passable road that takes you there. If you’re worried about the road then leave the car at the top and walk down.


Paleokastritsa is a fairly small bay belonging to the village of the same name in the north west of Corfu. As Paleokastritsa is a popular resort the beach gets packed in the summer months but it also means it has everything including sunbeds, tavernas, water sports and more


Pelekas beach is large and sandy and never feels over crowded. It has calm waters that stay shallow a fair way out making it great for kids as they can safely build sandcastles, dig a hole in the sand or play in the shallow waters without fear of it suddenly dropping off.


Sidari is a long sandy beach on the north coast, as Sidari is one of the most popular resorts on the island the beach is busy with lots of sun loungers, tavernas, water sports, pedalo hire and ample parking. It's great for kids as the water stays shallow a long way out.

Small Nissaki

Small Nissaki is a tiny pebble beach, there’s a single taverna perched on the rocks above which is the perfect spot to enjoy the fantastic views. Small Nisskai beach is good for kids as it’s a sheltered bay so there’s not too much current or winds but it does get deep.

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