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Corfu Beaches

The Which Greek Island Corfu beach guide gives an in depth look at the best beaches in Corfu. With the island being so long from north to south, most people wont want to spend the couple of hours travel time to visit the beaches at the other end of the island so this page is great for helping you to pick the beaches that fit your needs but are also within a short journey of where you plan to stay.

Must see Corfu beaches

In our opinion the Corfu beaches that you really should try to take in whilst on the island are:

Halikounas, more of a sand dune than a beach, it separates the Ionian sea from Lake Korission in the south west of the island. With it being so large you’ll always find some space to yourself and there’s a kite surfing school for the more adventurous. Easy to get too, plenty of parking and remote enough for an all over tan if you fancy it.

Kalamaki, another huge beach, this time in the north east of Corfu. It stays shallow for a long way out making it perfect for little people or weak swimmers and has a wealth of tourist facilities to keep you entertained.

Glyfada, this popular beach is in the middle of the island and offers a good mix of gorgeous scenery and an upbeat atmosphere, not to everyone’s taste but if you like a bit of music and water sports then Glyfada is a great choice.

Popular beaches in Corfu

The most popular beaches in Corfu tend to be those based around the larger resorts. Places like Sidari, Kavos and Glyfada all have very popular beaches with tons of things to keep youngsters entertained as well as a wealth of amenities like sun loungers, water sports, tavernas for food and drink as well as gorgeous scenery.

Secluded beaches in Corfu

There are a number of fantastic secluded beaches, most of which you wont find on the internet, so travelling round the coast to see what you can find it a great idea. There are places like Myrtiotissa beach as well as Kerasia and Agios Spyridon that are ideal if you simply want to get away from the crowds of the main beaches, not sure you’d really call them secluded though.

How does the Corfu beach guide work?

We’ve listed below the main beaches in Corfu, all you have to do is click the heading of the ones you are interested in and that’ll take you to a page that gives you a more in depth look at that particular beach.

Alternatively click the filters to narrow down the list of beaches to just those that have particular characteristics that you find desirable. The filters are cumulative so if you find that you’ve clicked too many and ended up with no results then simply remove one of the options that you have chosen or click the All button and it’ll reset everything so you can start again.

Filterable list of Corfu beaches

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