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Our Corfu sight seeing guide is designed to help holiday makers as well as travellers decide which of the islands sights and attractions they want to visit whilst on the island.

If you’re one of those people who simply goes to a nice hotel in a village with a beach and spends your whole week either in the pool or in the sea then this page is probably unnecessary. However, if you are someone that wants to see the cultural sights and learn about the history of the island then this is the page for you. This is also the page for you if you have kids that you want to keep entertained as it’ll help you to find things to do that they might enjoy.

The map above will help you to see where each attraction is and then you can check out where the resorts and beaches are on the Corfu beach guide and Corfu resort guide and pick the perfect spot for your trip.

Historical sites in Corfu

Corfu has a number of historical sites including a couple of Venetian castles in the capital Kerkyra. As well as a pair of byzantine castles too, one in north west close to Paleokastritsa and one close to the centre of the island, just north of Halikounas beach.

Kids activities in Corfu

Corfu is a popular island for families so naturally there are a number of activities to keep little ones entertained. There are 3 water parks, Aqualand, Hydropolis and the Sidari water park.

Another option for the youngsters is a trip to the aquarium where they can learn about and interact with some of the local wilflife as well as some more exotic animals too.

There’s also a virtually endless supply of great kid friendly beaches and hotels with pools so you won’t be short of ways to tire them out.

Top 26 Corfu sights

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Achilleion is a palace in the east of Corfu, approximately 10km south of Kerkyra and set in beautiful, well kept grounds and offers panoramic views. It was built by Elisabeth of Bavaria who was also known as Sissi, hence the name, Sissi’s Palace.


Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle on the west coast. Although the majority of the castle has fallen into disrepair there is a small underground chapel that’s interesting to look round. It's about 1000 feet above sea level which means it offers incredible views.


Aqualand is a water park that lies a few minutes south west of Kerkyra in the centre of Corfu. There's a pirate play area for young kids. Gentle slides, a lazy river, a wave machine as well as free fall slides and hurricane slides for the thrill seekers.

British Cemetery

The British cemetery is a quiet place often missed by tourists, it’s located in the capital Kerkyra and is well worth a visit, the custodian George is always happy to speak to and show visitors around. Just remember to wear insect repellent as mosquitoes are rife.

Canal D’Amour

Canal D’Amour is a beauty spot on the north coast of Corfu, close to Sidari. It's famous for its tunnel of love, unusual rock formations and fantastic views. It's a great place to spend the day with a stroll along the cliffs, a visit to the beach and a meal in one of the tavernas.

Cape Drastis Thematic Park

Cape Drastis is a private section of the coast up in the far north west of the island that offers spectacular 360 degree views. The gorgeous white cliffs offer amazing backdrops and the area is understandably popular with photographers.

Church of Saint Spyridon

The church of Saint Spyridon is located in the old town of Kerkyra and worth a visit whether you are religious or not. It's a Greek Orthodox church that was built in the 1580s and boasts the highest bell tower in the Ionian islands.

Corfu Aquarium

The aquarium is on the north west of the island close to Paleokastritsa. It's a wooden building with several tanks inside, the larger ones featuring lobsters, octopuses and eels and smaller tanks with many types of fish and other sea life.

Corfu Golf Club

The Corfu Golf club is approximately 14km west of Kerkyra. It's an 18 hole par 72 course set in lush green countryside with trees surrounding the fairways, bunkers, ponds and streams to be avoided. It's open 7 days a week and there's a driving range and putting green.

Gardiki Castle

Gardiki Castle is a 13th-century Byzantine fort on the south west coast of Corfu. It’s an unusual octagonal shape with towers at the corners and although partially demolished it’s still an impressive site. The entrance is well preserved and the towers retain their full height.

Gouvia Marina

Gouvia Marina is a large privately owned marina close to Gouvia village on the east coast. It has about 1200 berths and operates 24 hours. From the marina you'll be able to join many excursions either around the island, over to the mainland Greece or another island.

Hydropolis Water Park

Hydropolis water park used to be a standalone park but is now part of Grecotel Costa Botanica hotel. It's fairly small as water parks go but still has some good slides and a lazy river so if you're staying in Acharavi this could be a good choice.

Kaisers Throne

Kaisers Throne is one of the highest points in Corfu and is located west of the capital Kerkyra, it has a horseshoe shaped viewing deck with some built in binoculars but even without them you get spectacular panoramic views of the island.

Lake Korission

Lake Korission, sometimes called Lake Korisia is in the south west of the island not far from Gardiki. The Lake is over 5km long from one end to the other and roughly 1.5km across as its widest point, It's home to a vast amount of both native and migrating birds.

Mon Repos Palace

Mon Repos is a palace located just south of Kerkyra in the forest of Palaiopolis. It was formally a residence for the British commissioner as well as housing a school of fine art. Nowadays it's known as Paleopolis Archaeological Museum.

Mouse Island

Mouse Island, otherwise known as Pontikonisi is a small island off the east coast of Corfu just south of the airport. It's called mouse island because the white stone steps that lead up to the monastery of Pantokrator look like a mouses tail from a distance.

New Fortress

The New Fortress is a Venetian castle in Kerkyra and was built at the top of St. Marks hill. The views from the castle are amazing especially at sunrise or sunset. Keep in mind that there are a lot of steps and walking around but you can always rest in the cafe at the top.

Nisos Forest

Nisos is a small forest that’s great for a quiet walk, there's a gravel path that leads through the forest from Agios Spyridon beach in the east to Almiros beach in the west passing the abandoned monastery of Agía Ekateríni. The walk should take about 20 minutes.

Old Fortress

The Old Fortress, otherwise known as Paleo Frourio is a Venetian fort in the capital Kerkyra that dates back to the 15th century. Inside you’ll find a number of exhibits with information explaining them. There's also a lighthouse at the top of some steep steps.

Paleokastritsa Monastery

Paleokastritsa is a small and Picturesque monastery located towards the north west of the island. You’ll enjoy the small courtyards with fragrant plants in terracotta pots and the calm and peaceful atmosphere is a welcome change and the views are spectacular.

Pantokrator Church

The little church of Pantokrator is located at the top of mount Pantokrator which is the highest point on the island. You’ll find it towards the north east of the island and as you might expect the views from up there are second to none.

Sidari Water Park

The Sidari Water Park is attached to the hotel of the same name and is found in the north west village of Sidari. It's not on the same scale as Aqualand but if you're staying in the hotel anyway you get unlimited use of the slides day passes are also available.

Spianada Square

The Spianada is a large square located in front of the old Fortress in Corfu town. It's a central hub of the town, the Liston is part of the square and cricket is played on the esplanade. There's also lots of restaurants around that are perfect for a drink or meal.

The Liston

The Liston is a beautiful building that runs down one side of Spianáda square, it’s widely considered the heart of Corfu town and consists of Napoleonic style arcade terraces. The Liston was built in 1807 by the French imperial commissioner Mathieu de Lesseps.

Venetian Arsenal

The Venetian Arsenal is a shipyard located behind the marina at Gouvia. It was built around 1778 and was supposed to be used to repair the Venetian ships but Venice limited it’s use to maintenance, it’s usage declined until it was decommissioned in 1798.

Vlacherna Monastery

Vlacherna is a small monastery on an islet located in the bay to the south of Kanoni, close to Mouse island, There's a small chapel a place to light a candle and a gift shop. Don’t expect to spend a great deal of time here but can be combined with a trip to mouse island.

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