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A helpful guide to choosing where to stay in Kos

Our Kos resort guide is designed to help holiday makers, day trippers or travellers decide which towns and villages to visit whilst in Kos.

Kos offers a lot of different resorts for the holiday maker, from the capital Kos town to the smaller Kefalos or the always lively Kardamena there’s a plethora of choice and this page is designed to help narrow down your choices.

The map above should help you to see where each village is on the island as well, in case you are planning on getting a car and travelling around this helps you to make sure that the village you book is close to other places that you want to visit.

The best places to stay in Kos for couples

Couples can pretty much stay anywhere, there’s no right or wrong place for you. Firstly, you need to decide if you want to be close to the best beaches or close to the best restaurants and nightlife.

If you wan the night life then you’ll be looking at Kos Town, if you want the best beach then head down towards the south coast beaches in the Kefalos area.

For the best of both worlds, look at Tigaki or Marmari, both these resorts are on the north coast and have huge beaches.

The best places to stay in Kos for families

If you’re looking for a package style holiday with a beach and a town big enough to explore as well as good options for dinner and entertainment then we’d recommend looking at Tigaki, Marmari and Mastichari on the north coast.

All 3 are blessed with large beaches, have a good choice of restaurants and accommodation as well as things to do, there’s horse riding, beach sports like jetskis and bannana boats as well as a go karting track in the area too.

Where should a group of single friends stay in Kos

If you’re going on a girl’s holiday or week away with the lads then the best option is most likely Kardamena. It’s the party capital of Kos with may late night bars and small clubs. There’s an endless supply of cheap accommodation and a decent beach too so it’s perfect for a lively break.

Another option is Kos town, it’s got great night life but with loads of culture too. There’s a good beach up towards Lambi and you can find a beach party or a party boat from the harbour which will be great for those wanting to meet new people.

What's the best resort in Kos for older couples

Older couples will enjoy the culture and historical significance of the capital, Kos Town but also the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of Kefalos. Kefalos is a little hilly so maybe too much of a challenge for some and Kos town may be too commercialised and busy for others so take a look at both and pcik which fits best for your preferences.

Quiet and traditional villages in Kos

If you want to get away from the popular resorts and see something a bit more traditional Greek, why not try heading to the south west corner and visiting Kefalos, it’s a quaint village in the hills and a lovely place to spend the day. Zia is another popular traditional village, it’s up in the mountains and has several restaurants that are filled with people who come to enjoy the sunset views.

Kos resorts with great night life

The obvious choices here are Kos town and Kardamena as both have late night bars and plenty to keep you entertained once the sun goes down but that doesn’t mean that you can’t also look at somewhere like Zia for a one off night out to enjoy the sunset or even head to Tigaki and take in some of the various bars there.

Best Kos beach resorts

Speaking of Tigaki, it’s probably the best choice for those that want a great beach on the doorstep. It’s not necessarily the best beach on the island but it’s sandy, absolutely huge and has loads of amenities including table service and a full array of water sports. Lots of space to stretch out and play as well as loungers to hire so it’s ideal for beach lovers.

Arguably the best beaches are those on the south coast like Paradise beach but there’s not much in the way of accommodation or amenities in the surrounding areas so probably not an ideal area to stay for most. 

Another option is Lambi, it's close to the capital and everything on offer there but still has a decent beach for those lazy days.

Top 14 Kos Resorts

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Antimachia is a lovely village that lies 23 kilometers south west of Kos town. It’s an ancient settlement and retains all of it’s character and charm. In the village you’ll find Milos tou Papa, which is a traditional windmill, nearby is the Antimachia Venetian Castle too.


Asfendiou is a small picturesque village on the slopes of Mount Dikaion. It's probably not somewhere to base your holiday but worth a visit as the lush vegetation, natural springs and stone houses make this a beautiful area.


Asomatos is a small, traditional village in the centre of Kos island. The main attractions of Asomatos are the traditional stone buildings, the delightful paved streets and the church of Agios Asomati that gave the village it’s name.


Kardamena is a small village in the centre of the south coast, it's known for its lively nightlife and although it doesn’t get quite as raucous as the likes of Kavos or Malia it’s not far behind. There's bars everywhere, a good beach and loads of accommodation options.


Kefalos is a lovely village built on the hill in the south west of Kos and sprawling out over the surrounding areas. Kefalos is roughly 15km from the airport and 40km from Kos Town. In Kefalos you’ll find the folklore museum as well as many restaurants and hotels.

Kos Town

Kos Town is the capital and largest town on Kos. Here you will find a lot of the attractions including the Hippocrates tree, the ancient agora, Neratzia castle, Casa Romana and the Roman Odeon as well as museums, a plethora of bars, restaurants and night life.


Lambi is a small village on the north east tip of Kos, just north and within walking distance of the capital Kos Town. It’s kind of a spill over from Kos town offering the best of being both close to the hustle and bustle of the town but much more quiet and relaxing.


Marmari is a relatively quiet tourist village on the north coast of Kos with Tigaki to the east and Mastichari to the west. Marmari is based around a single main road that heads down to the beach and a coastal road that runs alongside the 2km long sand beach.


Mastichari is on the coast directly north of the airport. It’s a modern tourist resort with plenty of accommodation available and the usual facilities like supermarkets, bars, restaurants and a long, deep sandy beach you can also get the ferry to nearby Kalymnos island.


Platani is a small village on the outskirts of Kos town, it’s out towards the Asclepeion and roughly 3km from the town centre so walkable. The village is home to a lot of people of Turkish decent which means you’ll find the best Turkish restaurants here.


Psalidi is a small resort on the east coast of Kos, it’s fairly modern and home to some of the best hotels on the island. It’s roughly a 30 minute walk from the capital Kos town. It’s perfect for families as there’s a pleasant and safe beach, plenty of amenities.


Pyli, sometimes spelled Pili, is a traditional little village close to the middle of Kos island. The village is centred around the small square that is home to many traditional stone buildings, cafes and tavernas as well as some local art shops.


Tigaki is a tourist resort on the north coast of Kos about 11km from Kos town, it's based around the fantastic and huge Tigaki Beach as well as the central road that leads down to the beach and has everything you need with restaurants, shops, car hire and more.


Zia is a small picturesque village up in the mountains near Asfendiou in Kos. It's filled with restaurants, many of which have balconies that give spectacular views and for that reason they get extremely busy at sunset throughout summer time.

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