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A helpful guide to the best beaches in Kos

The Which Greek Island Kos beach guide offers an in depth look at some of the best beaches in Kos. North coast, south coast, east or west, wherever you’re staying we’ll help you find the best beach for your needs.

Tourist beaches in Kos

Some of the most popular tourist beaches are those on the north coast close to the main tourist villages, so Tigaki beach, Marmari beach and Mastichari beach as well as Paradise beach on the south coast. On all of these you’ll find food and drink available from beach side tavernas as well as water sports to keep everyone entertained. They’re popular with holiday makers for a reason.

Secluded Kos Beaches

If you want to get away from the crowds then stay away from the beaches above and head down towards Kefalos where you’ll find beaches like Kamari, Kefalos, Magic and Limnionas. All of which have some facilities but don’t attract the tourists as much as the others on the island.

Picturesque Beaches in Kos

There’s no real stunning looking beaches like you find on other islands but Camel beach has a picturesque charm about the way it’s cut into the rock formations on either side. Another option is Agios Stefanos beach as it has views out to Kastri islet and the Basilica of Agios Stefanos overlooks the beach so it’s a special place to spend a few hours.

Sandy Kos Beaches

Kos has loads of sandy beaches, in fact, most of the islands beaches are sandy, it’s one of the reasons Kos is so popular. The best sandy beaches are probably those on the south coast around Paradise beach or those on the north coast up by Tigaki beach.

Pebble Beaches in Kos

For those that don’t like getting covered in sand or simply prefer a pebble beach head for the east coast, this is where you’ll find the shingle and pebble beach of Psalidi and the hot springs pebble beach of Thermes. Agios Fokas is also out that way and has grey sand, shingle and pebbles so could be an option too.

A filterable list of the top 19 Kos beaches

Our full Kos beach guide below shows all 19 of the main beaches on the island. If you already have an idea of the beaches you want to visit then you can click on the headings and be taken to a page that gives you the details about that beach, alternatively use the filters to get a list of beaches that would be ideal for your needs. 

Filterable list of Beaches in Kos

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  • Average Popularity
  • Beach Sports
  • Changing Cubicles
  • Hot Springs
  • Jetty
  • Kite Surfing
  • Music
  • Parking
  • Pebble
  • Pedalos
  • Private
  • Sandy
  • Shingle
  • Showers
  • Table Service
  • Taverna
  • Toilets
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  • WiFi
  • All
  • Average Popularity
  • Beach Sports
  • Changing Cubicles
  • Hot Springs
  • Jetty
  • Kite Surfing
  • Music
  • Parking
  • Pebble
  • Pedalos
  • Private
  • Sandy
  • Shingle
  • Showers
  • Table Service
  • Taverna
  • Toilets
  • Very Popular
  • Water Sports
  • WiFi

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas beach is found on the south east corner of Kos, just east of Thermes beach. There isn’t much in the area other than some upscale beach front hotels with spas and large pools. At the beach there’s a trendy beach club, loungers and kids play area.

Agios Stefanos Beach Kos

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos Beach is mainly sand with a few pebbles scattered around. Right down the middle of the beach is the remains of the Basilica of Agios Stefanos which adds to the charm of the surroundings and is also a nice place to have a walk round.

Camel Beach Kos


Camel beach is found on the south coast of Kos and is made up of sand and some rocks, it has lovely scenery and crystal clear water making it ideal for snorkelling. It’s also not as popular as some of the other beaches in the area which makes a nice change.

Exotic Beach Kos


Exotic beach, also known as Polemi Beach is a nudist or textile optional beach on the south coast, It’s sandy, has a small snack kiosk, sheltered loungers and is well signposted off the main road that runs down the centre of the island making it very easy to find.

Kamari Beach Kos


Kamari beach is a small pebble and sand beach towards the south west of the island just 2km from Kefalos. There’s a small shop at the back of the beach and a couple of tavernas too. There are sun beds to rent but no water sports or other facilities.

Kardamena Banana Beach Kos


Kardamena beach is at the southern end of Kardamena town on the south coast of Kos. It’s a large sandy beach, like Kardamena town it gets very popular, mainly with the younger crowd that are looking to party in the evening and recover on the beach in the day.

Kefalos Beach Kos


Kefalos beach is a long and narrow beach on the south east of Kos. Kefalos beach runs from Kamari beach in the south to Agios Stefanos beach in the north. The beach is mainly sandy with some shingle. It’s popular but due to it’s length it doesn’t feel crowded.

Kos Town Beach

Kos Town

The main beach of Kos town is actually a continuation of Lambi beach as it heads south into the capital and approaches the harbour. There are tons of sunbeds available to hire, multiple tavernas for refreshments, water sports and even beach parties in the evenings.

Lagada Beach Kos


Lagada is one of the south coast beaches and neighbours both Paradise beach and Markos beach. It’s often referred to as banana beach but it’s signposted as Lagada.There’s minimal facilities on the beach itself but you can walk to other beaches to use theirs if needed.

Lambi Beach Kos


Lambi beach lies just north of Kos Town. It’s a popular beach with water sports and many other facilities.The beach is sand in the north but gets more and more pebbly as you go south and get closer to Kos Town, in places it can be rocky around the entrance.

Limnionas Beach Kos


Limnionas beach is a small sand beach with some shingle in some areas, particularly around the entrance to the sea. Limnionas has a single row of sunbeds available to hire but no water sports or other entertainment. It’s a bit out of the way so never gets too busy.

Magic Beach Kos


Magic beach is on the south coast and sits between Exotic beach and Sunny beach. As you’d expect it has the same slightly coarse sand with some scattered rocks. On the beach there are a couple of rows of sunbeds with umbrellas to rent but no water sports.

Marmari Beach Kos


Marmari beach is at the edge of Marmari town in Kos, it’s a huge sand beach with all the amenities you could need including sunbeds to hire, water sports, wind and kite surfing, easy parking and plenty of tavernas, restaurants, shops and bars.

Mastichari Beach Kos


Mastichari Beach is situated along the edge of Mastichari village just 22 kilometres west of Kos Town. The beach is well organised and has no shortage of things to do with the windsurfing school being particularly popular and the waves make surfing great fun.

Paradise Beach Kos


Paradise is a huge sandy beach on the south coast of Kos, it’s busy throughout the tourist season, it’s great for kids, has multiple water sports vendors and the taverna serves hot food, snacks, drinks and ice creams and from it’s position on the hill you get good views.

Psalidi Beach Kos


Psalidi beach is found just east of Kos town on the main coastal road that leads to the hot springs. It’s a long but fairly narrow shingle and pebble beach that fades to grass with some palm trees running along by the road, it has sun loungers and water sports.

Sunny Beach Kos


Sunny beach is another one of the south coast beaches and sits inbetween Magic beach and Markos beach. Sunny beach is also known as Psilos Gremos. Sunny beach is similar to the other beaches around it in that it has slightly coarse sand with the odd rocky area.

Thermes Beach Kos


Thermes, sometimes also called Therma is a small pebble beach in the south east of Kos. Thermes boasts a natural hot spring that’s surrounded by rocks creating a contained pool that can get up to 50°C. There’s also a taverna with seating area on the beach.

Tigaki Beach Kos


Tigaki is an enormous beach on the north coast of Kos, it’s located on the edge of Tigaki village which makes it incredibly popular all summer. On the beach you’ll find soft sand as well as all the facilities you might need including loungers, water sports and more.

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Kos Beach Map

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