Kos Beaches Map

Kos Beaches

The Which Greek Island Kos beach guide offers an in depth look at some of the best beaches in Kos. North coast, south coast, east or west, wherever you’re staying we’ll help you find the best beach for your needs.

Tourist beaches in Kos

Some of the most popular tourist beaches are those on the north coast close to the main tourist villages, so Tigaki beach, Marmari beach and Mastichari beach as well as Paradise beach on the south coast. On all of these you’ll find food and drink available from beach side tavernas as well as water sports to keep everyone entertained. They’re popular with holiday makers for a reason.

Secluded Kos beaches

If you want to get away from the crowds then stay away from the beaches above and head down towards Kefalos where you’ll find beaches like Kamari, Kefalos, Magic and Limnionas. All of which have some facilities but don’t attract the tourists as much as the others on the island.

Picturesque Beaches in Kos

There’s no real stunning looking beaches like you find on other islands but Camel beach has a picturesque charm about the way it’s cut into the rock formations on either side. Another option is Agios Stefanos beach as it has views out to Kastri islet and the Basilica of Agios Stefanos overlooks the beach so it’s a special place to spend a few hours.

Sandy Kos beaches

Kos has loads of sandy beaches, in fact, most of the islands beaches are sandy, it’s one of the reasons Kos is so popular. The best sandy beaches are probably those on the south coast around Paradise beach or those on the north coast up by Tigaki beach.

Pebble beaches in Kos

For those that don’t like getting covered in sand or simply prefer a pebble beach head for the east coast, this is where you’ll find the shingle and pebble beach of Psalidi and the hot springs pebble beach of Thermes. Agios Fokas is also out that way and has grey sand, shingle and pebbles so could be an option too.

Top 19 Kos Beaches

Our full Kos beach guide below shows all 19 of the main beaches on the island. If you already have an idea of the beaches you want to visit then you can click on the headings and be taken to a page that gives you the details about that beach, alternatively use the filters to get a list of beaches that would be ideal for your needs. You may find when using the filters that you click on too many and get no results, if that happens simply click again to remove some or click All to start from scratch.

Filterable list of Kos beaches

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