Salonikios Beach Thassos

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About Salonikios Beach

Salonikios is a secluded beach on Thassos‘ southern most tip. It’s not far from Astrida and around an hours drive from the islands capital Limenas.

the beach has shingle underfoot with some sections being more sandy and others being more stony. There’s unusual sun loungers made from laying cushions on pallets and 4 poster shades that look like they’re made from driftwood, there’s also hammock style chairs too.

Salonikios beach has a taverna serving tasty local dishes like Souvlaki and Greek salad, they also do drinks including cocktails. The taverna plays chill-out style music to add to the relaxing experience of the beach.

The only thing disturbing the peace is the occasional boat trip that stops by and drops off a lot of people all at once but they don’t generally stay too long so it doesn’t spoil the tranquil nature of the beach too much.

Apart from the stones and rocks that are around this is a good beach for kids, they can play safely in the shallows and build sand castles in the sandy sections. Older kids may get a bit bored as there are no water sports at Salonikios beach and no pedalos either, it is considered one of the beach places to enjoy some snorkelling so if you like getting to know the local sea life then remember to take your snorkelling equipment with you.

Salonikios beach is accessible via a decent dirt road that leads to a bit of parking at the rear of the beach. The road isn’t particularly bumpy and can easily be navigated in the standard hire cars that are available on the island.

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