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If you’re wondering what to do in Skiathos then you’re in the right place. This guide was created to give holiday makers a list of sights in Skiathos that are worth visiting whilst on the island.

Historical sites in Skiathos

Unlike some of the other Greek islands, Skiathos doesn’t have that many historical sites. There’s Kasto up in the north that was an ancient settlement dating back over 800 years that was completely abandoned as late as the 1830s.

Other than that there’s the very limited remains of the castle that once stood on Bourtzi island but there’s not much to see there really.

Religious sights in Skiathos

Again, as Skiathos is a small island there isn’t the huge amount of churches that you find on some of the other islands. There is however a beautiful church set in an idyllic location, offering incredible views. Check out Evangelistria Monastery below for more info. There are also a number of smaller churches around the island.

Other Skiathos sights

Skiathos was home to Alexandros Papadiamantis, a Greek writer and poet and his house is now a museum that you can visit in the capital.

There’s an open air cinema, also in the capital and it shows Mamma Mia regularly throughout the summer with the crowd enjoying a sing along and a few drinks at the same time as watching the film.

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Evangelistria Monastery

The Monastery Evangelistria in Skiathos is the most appealing of the island’s religious sites. It's beautifully well kept with flowers, bunting and immaculate grounds making it a peaceful place to have a wander around or spend some time to yourself.


Kastro is the remains of the biggest medieval town on Skiathos which was occupied from the twelfth century till 1830. Just a narrow strip of land connects the cliff to the island itself. Due to it’s position and fortifications Kastro was a secure place for the areas inhabitants.

Open Air Cinema

The open air cinema is located on Papadiamantis street in Skiathos town, just a couple of minutes walk from the harbour. The cinema is open during the peak summer months and shows a variety of films with the ABBA movie Mamma Mia! being most popular.

Papadiamantis House

The Papadiamantis House is a museum in Skiathos town dedicated to the writer Alexandros Papadiamantis who lived and worked there. He wrote nearly 200 short stories, mostly about Greek island life. The museum is like a shrine containing his personal possessions.

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