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Skiathos Resorts

The Skiathos resort guide below is designed to give you an idea of the main destinations on the island of Skiathos and what their good and bad points are. If you know where you want to go then click the heading for that resort to be taken to the full description, if not use the filters to find the resort that suits your needs best.

The map above is there to help you to decide where to stay, just remember the best night life is generally found in Skiathos Town but the most popular beaches are down in the south west of the island so you may need to decide which is most important to be close to. Luckily as Skiathos is such a small island and so easy to get around it shouldn’t matter where you stay.

Tourist resorts in Skiathos

Skiathos town is the main tourist hot spot on the island, it has the majority of the night life including some lovely bars and even a couple of clubs.

The other resorts on the island are much more laid back with a limited number of tavernas and restaurants to keep you busy in the evenings and stunning beaches for the days.

Family resorts in Skiathos

Most of the resorts in Skiathos are based around the beaches on the south coast and as these are generally sandy and very good for kids it means you can pretty much stay where you like and the kids will enjoy themselves on the beach.

Traditional Skiathos resorts

As most of the resorts on Skiathos are purpose built for tourists with lots of hotels around one of the fabulous beaches there aren’t really traditional Greek villages to visit. Skiathos Town is probably the only truely Greek town on the island and you’ll love getting lost in the cobbled streets of the islands capital.

Skiathos resorts for couples

Any of the islands beach resorts would also work for couples, as would Skiathos town, so depending on if you’d rather be near the beach or near the night life will help you decide where to stay. Don’t worry though, Skiathos is a small island so you can easily go from one end to the other to see the other resorts and beaches whilst you are there. Skiathos is highly recommended for couples.

Top 9 Skiathos resorts

We’ve listed below the main resorts in Skiathos, all you have to do is click the heading of the ones you’re interested in visiting and that’ll take you to a new page with a more in depth look at that particular town or village.

Alternatively click the filters to narrow down the list of resorts to just those that have particular characteristics that you find desirable. The filters are cumulative so if you find that you’ve clicked too many and ended up with no results then simply remove one of the options that you have chosen or click the All button and it’ll reset everything so you can start again.

Filterable list of Skiathos resorts

Skiathos Hotel search

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