Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos Beaches

The Which Greek Island Skiathos beach guide offers an in depth look at the best beaches in Skiathos. The idea is to give you the pluses and minuses of the main beaches and what the facilities are at each beach

Tourist Beaches in Skiathos

The main tourist beaches in Skiathos are based on the south coast as these are easily accessible via the bus service that runs the length of the island. Koukounaries is ever popular, Banana is lively and Vassilias, Vromolimnos and Troulos are all great choices for those that want beaches with the full array of tourist facilities.

Secluded Skiathos Beaches

In contrast to the beaches above the secluded beaches are those on the north coast, you’ll have to get a hire vehicle or taxi to get to these northerly beaches but you’ll be rewarded with fantastic scenery and far less crowds.

Picturesque Beaches in Skiathos

Lalaria is a beach with great scenery, there are rocky sections of the coast, one of which has been eroded leaving a natural arch. Lalaria is a pebble beach and you need a boat trip to get to it.

Sandy Skiathos Beaches

Sandy beaches are one of the main reasons you come to Skiathos, almost all the beaches on the south coast are sandy and well looked after, if sandy beaches are your thing then you are very much looking at the right island.

Pebble Beaches in Skiathos

If you prefer pebble beaches then Lalaria and Megas Gialos are your only real options, other than getting a ferry over to neighbouring Skopelos. Skiathos probably isn’t for you if pebbles are your thing.

Must See Skiathos Beaches

In our opinion the Skiathos beaches that you really should try to take in whilst on the island are:

Koukounaries, it’s the beach that’s pictured in most of the travel brochures with a long glorious stretch of sand, row after row of sun loungers and a wealth of amenities like water sports, multiple tavernas and much more. Some would say it’s over commercialised, others love it, you can make your own mind up.

Mandraki, it’s one of the more quiet and sheltered beaches found on the northern coast but still has food, drink and loungers available, it’s a great option if you want to get away from the crowds and soak up the sun in a more peaceful setting.

Banana, this is the party beach, there’s a couple of tavernas that play club music to keep the more lively beach goers entertained. You’ll also find some of the best, high octane, water sports on Banana beach.

Top 28 Skiathos Beaches

Listed below are the 28 main beaches on Skiathos, all you have to do is click the ones you are interested in and that’ll take you to a page that gives you a more in depth look at that particular beach with descriptions, map, quick look icons and much more.

Alternatively click a filter to narrow down the list of beaches to just those that have the particular characteristic that you find desirable. When you choose a filter it removes any previous filters that were applied.

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  • Beach Sports
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  • Pedalos
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Achladies Beach Skiathos


Achladies is a long, golden sand beach with several tavernas, it’s close to a number of hotels making this the perfect place for sun worshipping package holiday makers. There are sun loungers available, some with umbrellas and some without, there are also plenty of water sports to keep you entertained.

Agai Eleni Beach Skiathos

Agia Eleni

Agia Eleni beach is located just north of Banana beach on the west coast of Skiathos. It has lovely soft sand and clean water that’s great for swimming. The beach has several tavernas that play music for those enjoying the beach around them. There are sun loungers with shades available as well as a host of water sports to keep you entertained.

Agia Paraskevi Beach Skiathos

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi is a lovely sandy beach, that is popular but never too crowded. It has great facilities including particularly nice sun loungers. The village and beach are named after the nearby church of Agia Paraskevi. The beach is great for kids as the water shelves gently into the sea so youngsters can play safely in the shallow water.

Agistros Beach Skiathos


Agistros beach is right next to Elias beach on the north coast of Skiathos, it’s a 45 minute walk along a shaded track from bus stop 23 to get to the beach, once there you’ll be treated to the usual golden sand and crystal clear waters that are typical of Skiathos but without the crowds that you get on the more popular beaches.


Ampelakia beach in Skiathos, sometimes spelt Ambelakia and also known as Xenia beach is a long sandy beach just west of Koukounaries. Ampelakia beach is surrounded by pine trees which offer some much needed shade. Children will enjoy Ampelakia as it has soft sand that’s great for digging or building sand castles.

Big Banana Beach Skiathos

Big Banana

Big Banana beach is one of the most well known and popular beaches on Skiathos. Since the new apartments have been built behind Banana beach the place has changed, where it used to have a couple of tavernas competing to play the loudest music and sell the most drinks to young revellers, now it has a single hut for drinks and music.

Ftelia Beach Skiathos


Ftelia beach is just over a kilometer from Skiathos Town in a south westerly direction, just past Megali Ammos. It is a long sandy beach with crystal clear waters. There are no tavernas or water sports on Ftelia which is what some people love about it, there are sun beds and umbrellas available in some areas but other areas are left clear.

Tzaneria Beach Skiathos


Kanapitsa is a narrow sandy beach on the east coast of the Kalamaki peninsula in the south of Skiathos island. To get to Kanapitsa beach get off the bus at stop 12 and take the 15 minute walk along the coastal road, you can also use the water taxi that runs to and from Skiathos Town. If you have a hire car hen there’s a good sized car park available.

Kastro Beach Skiathos


Kastro beach is a small secluded beach on the northern tip of Skiathos island away from the more popular southern beaches. The beach side taverna offers excellent sea food, Greek specialities and refreshments, there are no sun loungers or water sports but this excellent sandy beach with a shingle strip around the entrance to the water.

Kolios Beach Skiathos


Kolios beach is located on the north west corner of the Kalamaki peninsular which is down on the south coast it’s a coarse sand beach with a single taverna that is not always open, there’s a couple of rows of sun loungers around the taverna but plenty of space left open for those that don’t want a sun lounger. It’s a good beach for kids.

Koukounaries Beach Skiathos


Koukounaries is probably the most popular beach in Skiathos, and with good reason, it’s a picture perfect beach with fine white sand, crystal clear water and pine trees lining the shore. Koukounaries beach has a good selection of water sports, a volleyball net and multiple tavernas serving food, drink and snacks as well as playing music.

Krifi Ammos Beach Skiathos

Krifi Ammos

Krifi Ammos beach is found on the west coast, it’s a relatively unknown and unspoiled beach, especially when compared to those on the south coast of the island. The beach itself is just under 200m wide, there’s rocks at both ends and the beach is backed by hills and trees making it a lovely, secluded place to spend a few hours.

Lalaria Beach Skiathos


Lalaria is a shingle and pebble beach on the north of Skiathos island, it has amazing rock formations and is only accessible by private boat or tour boats. There are absolutely no facilities here so if you plan on hiring a boat and visiting for the day you’ll need to bring your own food, drink, entertainment and anything else you may need.

Ligaries Beach Skiathos


Ligaries beach lies on the north coast of Skiathos. The beach is made up of mainly sand but with stones around the entrance to the sea. There’s a couple of rows of sun loungers around the middle of the beach but still plenty of room to lay a towel out and have a bit of room to yourself. There’s a taverna just behind the beach.

Little Banana Beach Skiathos

Little Banana

Little banana beach is located on the west coast of Skiathos and is the islands only official nudist beach. Little banana is often referred to as small banana beach. The beach is well organised with luxury sun loungers and umbrellas available to hire, there’s a taverna for food and drink but no water sports.

Mandraki Elias

Mandraki Elias Beach is a decent sized sandy beach on the south west of Skiathos but on the northern coast, as with most of the beaches on the north coast it sometimes suffers with wind and choppy seas but that just means you can have some fun jumping the waves. Mandraki Elias beach is also referred to as Elias bay or just Elias beach.

Mandraki Xerxes Beach Skiathos

Mandraki Xerxes

Mandraki Xerxes beach which is also known as Xerxes beach, Xerxes Mandraki beach or simply Mandraki beach is located on the north coast of Skiathos. It’s a sandy beach with a taverna for food and refreshments as well as sun loungers with thatched umbrellas available to hire. There are no water sports and the beach is normally fairly quiet.

Maratha Beach Skiathos


Maratha beach is found in the south west of Skiathos, it’s around 250m wide but really slim with golden sand, it’s lined with pine trees making it shady at some points in the day, this can either be a welcome break from the heat or it’ll be a disappointment depending on how much you love being out in the sun.

Megali Ammos Beach Skiathos

Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos is a narrow beach just outside Skiathos Town at bus stop 4. It is easily walk-able from the Town and for that reason it can get very busy in the high season. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft and golden. There is a taverna and water sports available as well as sun loungers for hire with umbrellas.

Aselinos Beach Skiathos

Megalos Aselinos

Megalos Aselinos beach is on the Northern side of Skiathos island. The beach is vast and sandy with sun loungers and a large taverna serving food, drinks and snacks all day. Megalos Aselinos beach is a popular stop off for some of the boat trips that go round the island so expect it to be busy between 13.00 and 15.00 when the boats arrive

Megas Gialos Beach Skiathos

Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos Beach is a stone beach that is up on the north east of Skiathos, just to the west of the airports runway and not far from Lalaria beach. There’s large rocks in the middle of the beach and access from the path is not for the faint-hearted. It’s only 3.5km from the capital Skiathos Town but would probably take 10-15 minutes to get there.

Mikros Aselinos Beach Skiathos

Mikros Aselinos

Mikros Aselinos or Small Aselinos is a petite sandy beach with a few sun loungers to hire and one wooden shack style taverna for snacks and refreshments, outside the taverna there are quirky sculptures made from driftwood which adds a little interest to the place, One thing to note is that on windy days the sea can get quite rough.

Troulos Beach Skiathos


Troulos beach has soft golden sand and is well organised with several tavernas for food and drinks. There’s a large hotel right on the beach who allow people to use their bar, toilets and swimming pool which can make for a nice change from swimming in the sea. If you prefer book yourself a room and roll straight out of bed and on to the sand.

Tsougria Beach Skiathos


Tsougria beach is not part of the Skiathos mainland, it’s actually an islet across from the port of Skiathos town. There’s a regular boat service from the harbour which costs 10 Euros for an open ended return trip and there tends to be 2 or 3 trips out in the morning and the same coming back in the evening so you can get any one you want.

Tzaneria Beach Skiathos


Tzaneria beach is approximately 120m long, it consists of coarse sand and lots of facilities including rows and rows of sun loungers, a taverna that plays music and serves food and drinks, water sports like pedalos, boat hire and other thrill rides. There’s also a diving centre on Tzaneria beach where you can be taken out scuba diving.

Vassillas Beach Skiathos


Vassilias beach is roughly half way between Skiathos Town and the Kalamaki peninsular it’s a narrow beach that’s well organised with plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas, a beach taverna and a huge array of water sports including water skiing, rings, wake boarding, canoes and boat hire as well as other rides and activities.

Vromolimnos Beach Skiathos


Vromolimnos beach has fine sand and offers everything you need for a day at the beach. Whether you want to have a go on the water sports like jet skis and banana boats or simply lie on the sun loungers topping up your tan and listening to the music being played from the taverna, Vromolimnos has all this as well as gorgeous crystal clear waters.

Xanemos Beach Skiathos


Xanemos beach is around 300m long and really deep so even with 3 rows of sun loungers it doesn’t feel busy or crowded at all as they are well spaced out and there’s loads of sand left clear if you don’t want a lounger. Xanemos is a great option if you want to get away from the mass crowds and it’s just a short walk from Skiathos Town.

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