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What's Pachis like

Pachis is a beach side resort on the north coast of Thassos, just north of Skala Rachoni. It’s under 10km from the capital Limenas and that’s about a 10-15 minute drive.

It’s a bit of a stretch calling Pachis a resort as it’s more just a collection of hotels and a handful of tavernas around the beach. There’s a decent choice of hotels with both large and small hotels, apartments and villas all available.

There’s no shops, cash machines or vehicle hire outlets in Pachis, if you need that sort of thing then you would need to take the short trip to Limenas.

Pachis nightlife

The Nightlife of Pachis is, as you might expect, quiet and relaxed. The evenings here consist of a nice meal in one of the local tavernas whilst watching the sun go down followed by some wine or beers. There’s no night clubs and you wont find thigs like live music or late night dancing either.

The good thing about Pachis is that it’s so close to Limenas you can grab a taxi there and back each night if you want and it wouldn’t break the bank. Once in Limenas there’s loads of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained.

What to do around Pachis

The main attraction to this area is the wonderful beach. It’s soft sand and around 400m long. There’s plenty of facilities on the beach for food, drinks and you can hire sun loungers too.

If you fancy a change then there’s also Glyfoneri beach nearby which is a tiny little cove just north of the village.

If you want museums or historical sites then a trip to Limenas will fulfil those needs, in the capital you’ll find the Archaeological Museum as well as the Acropolis of Thassos and the Ancient Agora.

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