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Sotiros is a gorgeous little village offering views over the Aegean with less than 100 houses, a handful of places to stay, a couple of little churches and a single taverna. There's no beach but there is one just 5 minutes away on the west coast.

Saint Archangel Michael Monastery

Saint Archangel Michael Monastery is a huge religious site on the south coast, it's beautifully decorated and maintained with flowers, shrubs and trees and offers stunning views out over the Aegean sea and the Thassos coastline.

Mount Ipsarion

Mount Ipsarion or Mount Ypsario is the tallest peak on the island at 1204 meters. It's perfect for a hike, you can set off from Panagia or Potamia and the walk will take you around 2 to 3 hours, along the way you’ll get to take in the lush green vegetation of Thassos.


Kastro lies 500m above sea level in the mountains in the centre of Thassos island. The word Kastro means castle in Greek and the walled village and the castle that used to stand here were used for protection against piracy for many years.


Giola is a natural swimming pool cut into the rock close to Astrida on the south coast of Thassos. Once there you’ll see a 15m wide section which has been eroded out of the rock face over the years by the tide, with perfectly clear water.

Aliki Archaeological Site

Aliki Archaeological Site is found on the Aliki peninsular which is in the south east of Thassos. The Archaeological Site is a historical site dating back over 2000 years. There’s actually 2 parts one just above ruins beach and the other further up the hill side.

Archaeological Museum

Thassos Archaeological museum is located close to the old harbour and right next to the Ancient Agora in Limenas. It's just 2€ per person and consist of pottery, sculptures and tools that have been excavated from the island plus models of old structures.

Ancient Tower of Thimonia

The ancient tower of Thimonia is located close to the south coast of Thassos. Despite the lack of information signs on site it’s still an impressive place to visit, you get an impression of the original size of the tower and the views are worth it.

Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora is the remains of a market, cultural and political centre that was built between 400 and 200 BC and located close to the centre of Limenas. Inside you’ll find a number of ruins from previous structures as well as columns, stone carvings and more.


The Acropolis of Thassos is set up in the hillside above the capital Limenas. It’s the remains of an ancient settlement with stone walls, an amphitheatre, castle, temple and caves. Getting to the Acropolis is a bit of a walk but worth it as the views are superb.
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