Argostoli Kefalonia

Argostoli Kefalonia

Argostoli Kefalonia by Alan Wainwright

What's Argostoli Like

Argostoli, also sometimes Argostolion, is the capital and main port town of Kefalonia, there’s regularly a couple of cruise liners in the bay meaning Argostoli is often very busy.

There’s a main pedestrianised street with bars and shops that runs parallel to the harbour, at the end of this street is the central Square that’s surrounded by open air seating restaurants and bars.

There’s no shortage of other amenities in Argostoli, you’ll find plenty of supermarkets and souvenir shops as well as bakeries and other snack shops. There’s a handful of ATMs spread out around the town and vehicle hire shops too.

For those that like to take in some culture, head to one of the towns museums and keep an eye out for the statues dotted around town too.

The hotels in Argostoli are generally quite small and don’t tend to have swimming pools, although there is a public swimming pool by the cruise ship harbour so that’s an option if you want to be in town but still have access to a pool at some point.

Parking and driving around the town can be a bit tricky as the streets are quite narrow so if you’re getting a hire car then maybe try to find somewhere on the outskirts. It’s fairly easy to walk to Argostoli from Lassi, especially the northern end of Lassi so that’s another alternative to actually being in the centre of town.

Argostoli Nightlife

Night life in Argostoli, as you might expect is quite varied, there’s an almost endless supply of bars and restaurants for a simple evening meal with a glass of wine or beer. 

There’s cocktail bars for those that like a slightly more lively evening and a couple of clubs for those that want to party into the small hours.

There’s a couple of live music venues so if you want to watch a singer or band then find out the time tables when you first arrive.

What to do around Argostoli

In and around Argostoli you’ll find the De Bosset Bridge which you can have a walk over, the Saint Theodoroi Lighthouse which is a nice place for a stroll around, particularly at sunset and Katavothres which is a lovely spot for a lunch or evening meal.

You’re so close to Lassi that you can walk between the two so visiting the beaches along the Lassi coast line is easy if you want to, take a look at Kalamia Beach and Gradakia Beach as the two nearest beaches or head over to our Kefalonia Beaches page for more info on all the islands beaches.

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