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Kefalonia Beaches

The Which Greek Island Kefalonia beach guide offers an in depth look at some of the best beaches in Kefalonia.

Tourist beaches in Kefalonia

The main tourist beaches are unsuprisingly based around the tourist resorts, those being Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos which are both close to Lassi as well as Skala beach and Lourdas. All of these beaches have great facilities and if you just want to spend a few hours at the beach, maybe try some water sports or simply top up your tan on the loungers whilst sipping a cold Mythos then these would be the perfect tourist beaches for you.

Secluded Kefalonia beaches

If you want to get away from the crowds of the above beaches then why not check out Koroni or Kaminia (Mounda). Both are found on the south west corner of Kefalonia island, both are easily comutable from Skala and both are free from the mass crowds.

Picturesque Beaches in Kefalonia

This ones easy, go and soak in the views at Myrtos, easily one of the most photogenic beaches in Greece with it’s white pebbles and stunning turquoise waters you’re sure to love it. Another option is Foki, it’s another pebble beach but this ones surrounded by Olive trees giving a wonderful sense of isolation. Foki is up in the north of Kefalonia so a great option is to combine it with a visit to Fiskardo.

Sandy Kefalonia beaches

This is where Kefalonia excels, there’s a wealth of good sandy beaches, the best of which are on the west coast, with the most popular ones been found at Lassi, Skala and Lourdas with quieter ones dotted about in between.

Pebble beaches in Kefalonia

For those that don’t like getting covered in sand or simply prefer a pebble beach there are a number of good options and they are all around the north or north east of the island. Firstly, there’s the obvious choice of Myrtos. There’s also the huge Antisamos and tiny beaches of Foki or Assos.

Top 20 Kefalonia Beaches

Our full Kefalonia beach guide below shows all 20 of the main beaches on the island, including those mentioned above. If you already have an idea of the beaches you want to visit then you can click on the headings and be taken to a page that gives you the details about that beach, alternatively use the filters to get a list of beaches that would be ideal for your needs.

Filterable list of Kefalonia Beaches

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