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Our Kefalonia sightseeing guide gives you a filterable list of the main sight seeing attractions in Kefalonia, although Kefalonia doesn’t have any ancient historical sites like other islands or the mainland it does have a few things to keep you busy. The main sight seeing attractions are probably the Melissani Lake Caves, the Drogarati Caves, Fanari lighthouse or the castle of Saint George.

Family friendly Kefalonia sights

There aren’t too many family friendly sights in Kefalonia, that’s not to say that the places are dangerous for kids it’s just they’ll probably be bored at them. There’s religious sites, caves and man made structures, none of which offer much for youngsters to do whilst there. Obviously with all the fantastic beaches and hotels with great facilities Kefalonia is still a great place for families.

Historical sites in Kefalonia

As mentioned, Kefalonia doesn’t have a wealth of ancient historical sites, mostly due to the seismic activity that’s happened on the island over the years with one huge earthquake in 1953 destroying a large portion of the islands buildings. There are still a couple with The Tholos Tomb at Tzannata being one and the Acropolis of Sami being another. Check those out below if you are interested in historical sites.

Religious sights in Kefalonia

Kefalonia has a couple of superb monasteries that are well worth a visit, there's Saint Gerasimos which is close to the centre of the island, it's easy to get to and is a beautiful building that's also home to the body of Saint Gerasimos

The second is Kipoureon monastery, it's likely to be a longer trip to get to but it also offers spectacular views over the west coast of Kefalonia from it's perch at the top of the cliffs.

Other Kefalonia sights

Assos castle is a place that's highly recommended, especially as you can combine your trip there with a visit to the gorgeous little village below too.

Melissani cave is also a great option, taking a boat out on the lake, through the cave is a must see whilst in Kefalonia.

Top 11 Kefalonia Sights

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Ainos National Park

Ainos national park is based around Mount Ainos, sometimes known as Mount Aenos, and offers spectacular scenic views of Kefalonia island. Ainos is the tallest mountain in Kefalonia and is roughly a mile high. It’s great for hiking and there’s lots of wildlife to see.

Assos Castle

Assos castle is in the hills above the fishing village of Assos. It's just under an hours drive from Argostoli. The remains of the castle consist of just the external walls and an entrance gate but there's also an old chapel and the remains of other internal buildings too.

De Bosset Bridge

The De Bosset Bridge lies in the bay of Argostoli, it's also sometimes known as Drapano Bridge. It was built in 1813 by Swiss engineer Charles Philippe De Bosset, It's about 690m long making it the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world.

Drogarati Caves

The caves are approximately 60m deep and full of stalagmites and stalactites formed over millions of years in limestone The caves are known to have good acoustics. There's a small cafe for refreshments and you’ll probably need it as there are a lot of steps.


Katavothres is a geographical phenomenon that occurs on Kefalonia where the sea water rushes through the rocks at the shore and disappears underground only to resurface at the Melissani Lake cave on the other side of the island approximately 15 kilometres away.

Kipoureon Monastery

Kipoureon Monastery, sometimes also known as Kipouria Monastery is an incredibly scenic place that was built right on the edge of the cliff. The monastery is located on the west coast of the Palliki peninsula and contains many important religious artefacts.

Melissani Lake Cave

The Melissani lake cave is close to the resort of Sami, the lake, or at least part of it is inside the cave, a section from the top of the cave has collapsed leaving an opening that bathes the inside in light, this is particularly amazing at around mid day.

Saint George Castle

Saint George Castle is in a spectacular location and offers amazing views over the island. The castle is located off the main road that runs from Argostoli down towards Skala, it has no guide and there isn’t much to see other than the ruined walls.

Saint Gerasimos Monastery

Saint Gerasimos Monastery is just off the main road a few miles out of Argostoli. It’s a large religious site dedicated to Saint Gerasimos. The monastery houses many religious artefacts and also has the body of the saint in a small chapel in the garden.

Saint Theodoroi Lighthouse

Saint Theodoroi Lighthouse, also known as Fanari Lighthouse is found on the northern tip of the Argostoli peninsular in Kefalonia. Saint Theodoroi Lighthouse is a circular structure with 20 columns that stands 8m tall. It was built in 1828 by Charles Napier.

Venetian Lighthouse

The Venetian lighthouse dates back to the 16th century, it's a round building right on the coast, just behind it is a small villa and the whole site is overlooked by a more modern lighthouse. The house and venetian lighthouse were renovated in mid 2018.

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