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A helpful guide to choosing where to stay in Kefalonia

The Which Greek Island Kefalonia resort guide is designed to help travellers and holiday makers decide which towns and villages to visit on the fabulous Ionian island of Kefalonia.

If you’re anything like me then you don’t want to just book your holiday in the first town or village that your travel agent suggests, you want to make sure that the village has everything that you want, whether that is exciting night life or beautiful scenery this page helps you narrow it down and find where to stay in Kefalonia.

The map above should help you to see where each village is on the island as well, in case you are planning on getting a car and travelling around this helps you to make sure that the village you book is close to other places that you want to visit.

The best places to stay in Kefalonia for couples

Couples can pretty much choose anywhere in Kefalonia as it’s a gorgeous island for a romantic break. Fiskardo is a scenic little village that many couples would adore, if you don’t want to stay there for your whole holiday then definitely try to take a day trip for lunch or dinner.

Other options are Agia Effimia which is a quaint little fishing village and Assos which is a picturesque bay close to Myrtos beach.

The best places to stay in Kefalonia for families

If you’re travelling as a family then there’s some great options, the most popular being Skala and Lassi. This is probably because they both have a ton of hotels available, many of which have swimming pools and they are both blessed with fantastic beaches which kids absolutely love.

Where should a group of single friends stay in Kefalonia

There's no real party capital or singles destination on Kefalonia, Argostoli is probably the closest you're going to come but it's not really ideal for this type of break. If you're looking for singles holiday then perhaps try another island.

What's the best resort in Kefalonia for older couples

Fiskardo and Assos are great choices for older couples, the beautiful scenery and slow pace means you can simply watch the world go by with a drink or a meal or go for a walk through the gorgeous streets or round the water front.

Popular tourist resorts in Kefalonia

The main tourist resorts are based, as you might expect, around the best beaches. Lassi is a popular destination and has a number of great sandy beaches nearby, Skala is always popular and has a huge beach. Other popular places are Lixouri, Fiskardo and the capital Argostoli.

Quiet and traditional villages in Kefalonia

If you want to get away from the popular resorts and see something a bit more Greek, why not try the beautiful Assos or the pretty little port village of Agia Efimia both are away from the tourist crowds and a lovely place to spend the afternoon. Another great choice is the harbour town of Sami, it’s especially good if you like boat trips as many of them leave from Sami.

Kefalonia resorts with great night life

Kefalonia isn't an island with an abundance of nightlife, the capital Argostoli and the main tourist resorts of Lassi and Skala are probably the most lively but even those are not exactly buzzing. That's not to say that you can't have a good night out but if you're looking to party all night long then you're looking at the wrong island.

Best Kefalonia beach resorts

Lassi has a number of good beaches in easy reach, for this reason it's probably the best place for those that like to visit a few beaches. Skala has a huge beach so if you're just looking for one great beach then Skala could be the spot for you.

Alternatively, look at Lixouri, there's Xi beach nearby as well as others and the town itself is less touristy than others.

Top 16 Kefalonia Resorts

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Agia Effimia

Agia Effimia is a small picturesque fishing village just north of Sami in Kefalonia. It's a regular stop for yachts and has a very narrow pebble beach, lots of tavernas, bars and restaurants, mainly around the harbour front with lovely views of the bay.


Argostoli is the capital and main port town of Kefalonia, there's regularly a couple of cruise liners in the bay meaning Argostoli is often very busy. There's a main pedestrianised street with bars and shops that runs parallel to the harbour.


Assos is a small village set in a sleepy bay, it’s not one of the main tourist resorts of Kefalonia making it perfect for those wanting a traditional Greek, quiet and relaxing break. Assos has a small shingle beach and a little fishing harbour too.


Fiskardo is a gorgeous, picturesque Greek harbour village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia. It has an upmarket but still traditional Greek feel. There's plenty of restaurants around the harbour side which is great for lunch or dinner.


Karavados is a delightful village that stands at the foot of mount Ainos, surrounded by pine trees, olive groves and citrus groves. It’s close to the southern coast of Kefalonia, it's not on the beach but there is Agios Thomas beach just down the road.


Karavomylos is close to Sami on the road that leads to Agia Efimia out on the east coast of Kefalonia. It’s a very quiet area of the island with just a few restaurants and tavernas and certainly no clubs, the nearby beaches are mainly pebble.


Katelios is a quiet fishing village on the south coast of Kefalonia. There’s two sections to Katelios, Ano Katelios which is slightly inland and not particularly touristy, and Kato Katelios which is on the beach and where you’ll find most of the tourists and facilities.


Lassi is a fairly popular tourist resort in Kefalonia, it’s a short drive from the airport and centres around the main road or “strip” that's about a mile long, the biggest criticism of Lassi is that it’s not a particularly authentic Greek resort.


Lixouri is the second largest town on Kefalonia and the central town of the Palliki peninsula. Life in Lixouri revolves around the main square that’s surrounded by tavernas and restaurants serving up delicious freshly caught sea food and local delicacies.


Lourdas, sometimes also known as Lourdata is set against a steep hillside and in one of the largest bays on Kefalonia. There’s no real village centre, just a collection of hotels, restaurants and shops dotted about around the road side and down by the beach.


The port-town of Poros is located on the east coast of Kefalonia and is the primary link from Kefalonia to mainland Greece with a daily service to Kilini. Poros is not one of the more popular tourist resorts but as it's a working Greek town it has a more authentic feel.


Sami is a relatively quiet port town set at the foot of the hills on the north east coast of Kefalonia and because of this it offers a wealth of boat trips including day trips to Aetos on the neighbouring island of Ithaka as well as ferrys to Patra on the mainland.


Skala is a resort on the south east coast of Kefalonia. it has a great beach, ample tavernas, restaurants, bars and even a club. Due to it's location Skala is not great for those that want to explore the island as most of the attractions are a long way away.


Spartia is a small village a few miles south east of the airport in Kefalonia, It’s not one of the more popular resorts and therefore hasn’t suffered from an over abundance of tourist amenities meaning it has more of a Greek feel to it than the likes of Lassi or Skala.


Svoronata is a village in Kefalonia, it's about a mile inland and surrounded by gorgeous scenery including Olive groves and wild flowers. it's a short 5 minute drive from the airport and just under 15 minutes from the capital Argostoli.


Trapezaki is a small village set on a hillside. This is a quiet and peaceful resort with only a few tavernas and a couple of mini-markets, if you stay here then you’ll be the sort of person that wants to get away from the crowds and just enjoy the scenery.

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