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Our Santorini beach guide is designed to give you the highs and lows of the main Santorini beaches. Most of the beaches are black pebble and have striking scenery but this page will give you a bit more in-depth detail about each one.

The best Santorini beaches for tourists are probably those on the east coast with Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari all offering a good array of tourist facilities. The most dramatically striking Santorini beaches are those on the south west tip of Thira island, these include both the red and white beaches as well as Eros and Vlychada if you venture further east. All have stunning cliff scenery with the later two having superb bars to relax and enjoy food and drinks in.

If you prefer quieter more secluded beaches then make your way north, you'll have to put up with the wind that affects the more northerly beaches and you wont have all the facilities that the southern and eastern beaches offer but you'll definitely be able to find a quiet stretch to relax in peace for a few hours.

If you know the beaches you're interested in visiting then simply click on each of the headings and you'll be taken to a page that tells you more about that beach, alternatively use the filters to get a list of beaches that fit your desired style.

Popular tourist beaches in Santorini

The most popular beaches are those on the east coast, Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos, this is simply because they have the best sand and have grown over the years to offer loads of entertainment and amenities for all the family. 

On top of these and despite not being the best beaches, White beach and Red beach are popular too. It's probably because of the unique scenery and the fact that they're difficult to get to which makes them feel special.

Secluded Santorini beaches

If you're the sort of person who likes to get away from the crowds and find those beaches that aren't packed with tourists then take a look at Kambia on the south coast, it's got no entertainment to ruin the peace and quiet. 

Other options are Kolumbo and Baxedes, both are in the north of Santorini and are quiet and rustic, they're not for those that like the creature comforts but perfect for a tranquil day away from the masses.

Picturesque beaches in Santorini

Santorini has a number of beaches with sheer cliffs at the rear that are  impressive and beautiful. When people think of picturesque beaches in Santorini they're generally thinking of Red beach due to it's unique scenery. Another option is Vlychada beach down in the south, it has stunning scenery and a pretty little harbour too so well worth checking out.

Sandy Santorini beaches

Santorini isn't known for it's sandy beaches but the best examples are also the most popular so look at the usual suspects of Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos. Alternatively, why not head for Eros beach, it has a luxury feel about it and one of the best beach bars on the island so you wont be disappointed.

Pebble beaches in Santorini

Most of the beaches in Santorini are pebble, or at least have small pebbles and stones in places so if you prefer pebble beaches then Santorini is a great choice. 

White beach has a section covered in white pebbles so this is a good choice, as is Akrotiri beach, both are down on the south coast but Akrotiri is much quieter than White beach.

If you're in the north than take a look at Katharos beach, it's out to the west of Oia and is a quiet and rustic pebble beach so  perfect for getting away from the hectic resorts.

Top 21 Santorini beaches

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Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi beach is located on the east coast of Thira adjacent to the airport. It has black sand and pebbles with sunbeds and umbrellas. The rear is lined by trees so there's a chance to get out of the sun if the heat gets too much for you.

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios has black sand and pebbles. There's minimal natural shade with just the odd tree dotted about at the rear of the beach. Behind the trees is a small road and behind that is an almost endless choice of tavernas and shops to get drinks, snacks and ice creams.


Akrotiri beach is a long but fairly narrow pebble beach on the south coast of the island close to the Ancient Akrotiri archaeological site. There is a taverna offering food and drink as well as some interesting cave houses on the beach that are used for storing fishing boats.


Avis beach is located at the southern end of the airport on the west coast of Santorini, just south of Agia Paraskevi. It is a black sand and pebble beach like most on Santorini and is relatively quiet along most of the stretch, except maybe when planes are coming or going.


Baxedes beach is on the northern coast of Santorini close to Oia. It's a quiet and rustic beach with the usual black sand and pebbles plus some seaweed in places. It's surrounded by dramatic white cliffs and is almost deserted.


Caldera is a small beach in the south of Santorini, there's minimal facilities, you wont find any sun beds or umbrellas here and no water sports either. There are however fabulous views over the caldera and the other islets that make up Santorini.


Eros is an upmarket beach with wooden sun loungers and straw umbrellas to rent in front of the taverna. The beach bar is good quality and offers great food, cocktails, music, free wifi and will even deliver snacks and drinks to you as you relax by the sea.

Exo Gialos

Exo Gialos beach is on the east coast, roughly 2.5km from the outskirts of Fira. It has black sand and pebbles. There's a taverna for food and drink, they have sun loungers with umbrellas available to rent as well as private cabanas and large bean bags to collapse into.


Kamari is a popular beach with an almost endless supply of sun loungers with up to 8 rows in places, there’s also a number of tavernas and restaurants along the full length of the beach as well as multiple water sports vendors and even a dive centre.


Kambia beach is a less well known beach and lies on the western end of the south coast of Santorini, it's easily accessible via road and has some parking available. Kambia is a quiet beach that offers natural shade and a view of the lighthouse at Faros as well as Red Beach.


Karterados beach has the usual dark sand with some stones, there's often dried up seaweed in the area but it's not a huge issue. There's wooden boardwalks between the loungers and up to the tavernas so you can get off the hot sand when walking around.


Katharos beach is a typical Santorini black sand and pebble beach located in the north of Thira close to Oia. Katharos is a quiet and unorganised beach with no tavernas, sun beds, umbrellas and certainly no water sports. There is a taverna near by though.


Kolumbo beach or Cape Columbo is considered by locals to be the best beach in the north of the island. There's a quiet section to the east which is often used by naturists and a taverna and loungers to the west that's more popular.


Monolithos beach is on the east coast of Santorini and has crystal clear waters with fine black sand. The water gently shelves in to the sea here so it’s good for kids. Just keep in mind that the location means it can get windy so keep an eye on weak swimmers.


Perissa beach is widely considered the best in Santorini, it has black sand, crystal clear water, beach side tavernas, good quality umbrellas and sun loungers as well as a fantastic selection of water sports to keep everyone in your group entertained.


Perivolos lies on the south east coast and has the usual black sand and pebbles. It offers everything for a more upbeat day on the beach with hundreds of sun loungers available to hire as well as bars playing music and water sports too.


Pori beach stretches out for over a kilometre from the cliffs at Kolumbo beach in the north all the way down to Pori port to the south. It's largely deserted, pebble underfoot, backed by impressive cliffs and generally pretty rugged.


Red beach is one of the most famous beaches on Santorini and gets pretty busy at peak times. The beach is made up of red and black pebbles and surrounded by dramatic red cliffs. This is a unique and beautiful beach but can be tricky to get to.


Vlychada beach is surrounded by impressive rocky cliffs and has a charming harbour and marina at the southern end where you can watch the yachts and fishing boats coming and going. This is also where you'll find a number of restaurants, hotels, bars and shops.


Vourvoulos beach is on the northeast coast of Santorini close to Imerovigli. The beach has grey sand and doesn’t attract too many tourists so is normally pretty quiet. That being said there are still loungers and umbrellas available and a taverna too.


White beach, which is Aspri Paralia in Greek is a tiny beach on the south coast, the name comes from the white pebbles and cliffs that surround it making it feel secluded and makes this little stretch of coast a must see for a lot of people that visit Santorini.

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