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A helpful guide to choosing where to stay in Santorini

The Which Greek Island resort guide to Santorini gives you a list of towns, villages and resorts in Santorini and describes them telling you where they are on the island, who would enjoy them, if it’s just a day trip or a place to spend a week and what the nightlife is like too. It is meant for anyone planning a trip to this beautiful island to help them decide where to stay and where to visit whilst on the island.

The map above should also help you to decide where you want to stay, the west coast is where you’ll find the Caldera views, dramatic scenery and is a popular region for sunset views. The east coast is where you’ll find the best beaches so keep this in mind when choosing where to stay.

The best places to stay in Santorini for couples

Couples can pretty much stay anywhere, your choice will depend on if you want the romantic caldera views where you can cuddle up with a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down. If that's you look at Fira, Oia, Imerovigli or Firostefani. Alternatively, if you would prefer to be close to the beach so you can relax together by the sea then look at Perissa, Perivolos or Kamari.

The best places to stay in Santorini for families

Santorini isn't great as a family destination, the busy streets can be intimidating for kids and the lack of entertainment for youngsters will also be an issue. If you must bring little ones then the two previously mentioned beach resorts of Perissa and Kamari are probably the best places for families as there’s slightly more for kids to do there than anywhere else.

Where should a group of single friends stay in Santorini

Santorini isn't renowned as a singles destination so if you're looking to go to Greece as a group of singletons then Santorini is probably not the best choice. If you're hearts set on it though then Fira is probably your best bet as that's where the best night life is and the most clubs and bars are found.

What's the best resort in Santorini for older couples

Santorini is the number one destination for romantic Greek island holidays for couples, the general idea is to get a hotel room with a caldera view and enjoyr the scenery. To do this you need to be on the volcano side of the island so the main resorts of Fira, Firostefani, Immerovigli and Oia are probably the best choices.

Popular tourist resorts in Santorini

The busiest tourist resorts in Santorini are those based on the caldera side of the island as they offer spectacular views. The main ones being the capital Fira, neighbouring towns of Firostefani, Imerovigli and the northern town of Oia.

Quiet and traditional villages in Santorini

Unfortunately the main towns and villages don’t retain much traditional character as they are so packed full of tourists. For authentic Greek charm head to Megalochori, Emporio or Pyrgos, all three have traditional houses, blue domed churches and cobbled maze like streets to get lost wandering round. Ideal for a break from the crowds.

Santorini resorts with great night life

As with most islands, the capital is the place to be when it comes to nightlife. Fira has plenty to keep you entertained from great restaurants to late night bars and clubs with cocktails and music. There's also a good range of options so if one place doesn't suit your taste there's loads of other options that will.

Best Santorini beach resorts

There are some stunning beaches in Santorini but it's not known as a beach lovers paradise. There are a few beach resorts and these are found on the east coast.

The two most popular beach destinations are Perissa and Kamari, they're both developed resorts with loads of bars, restaurants and other amenities so you can't go far wrong at either.

Top 19 Santorini resorts

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Akrotiri is a small village located at the southwestern end of Thira in Santorini. Akrotiri is not a developed tourist destination so don’t expect the sort of facilities you’d have in Fira or Oia. What it does have is a Cycladic charm about it, with the usual narrow streets.


Ammoudi is a very small but charming port on the caldera below Oia, 214 steps below Oia to be exact, at the northern end of the main island of Santorini. There's a handful of restaurants, a couple of places to stay and some bars, all set in spectacular scenery.


Athinios is actually the main port of Santorini, this is where the cruise ships land and the ferries for the other Greek islands are based as well. Around the harbour you’ll find a ton of car rental shops and tourist information desks to book excursions or other activities.


Emporio which is also known as Nimborios is a traditional Cycladic village that's inland towards the south of Thira island just west of Perissa. It lies at the base of Mount Prophet Elias and is the largest settlement in Santorini with close to 2000 permanent residents.


Finikia is set among vineyards on the hills just west of Oia. It has typical Cycladic houses with whitewash walls and blue windows as well as some houses painted in other pastel shades making it a lovely place for a wander through the narrow cobbled streets.


Fira is the capital of Santorini, it's a beautiful town that looks like it’s grown out of the hillside with whitewashed and pastel coloured houses, upmarket hotels and restaurants offering stunning views out across the caldera and loads of nightlife options.


Firostefani is located just north of the capital Fira and offers similar spectacular views out over the Caldera. Nightlife in Firostefani is good, there's a load of restaurants with several types of food available from traditional Greek to barbecue, Italian and even Sushi.


Imerovigli is a small traditional village that lies at the highest point of the caldera, it has amazing views and traditional narrow cobbled streets, there's plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to keep you busy, plus you are only 2km from the buzzing nightlife of Fira.


Kamari is a beach resort on the east coast of Santorini and it's arguably the best beach on the island. The village itself has loads of restaurants and a large portion of those are down by the sea front so you’ll get to soak in the views whilst enjoying your meal.


Karterados is a traditional village, slightly inland to the east of Fira, it's made up of one main street that runs through the centre of the village and other narrow streets with traditional Cycladic buildings as well as cave houses built into the rocks.


Megalochori is another traditional village set on the hillside, it has a central square with restaurants and tavernas. Cobbled streets winding off from the square lead to houses with high walls and hidden courtyards. It's a charming village that you'll love exploring.

Mesa Gonia

Mesa Gonia is a small and quiet village, It was largely abandoned after the 1956 earthquake but has seen people move back in recent years. Since then the houses have been restored and repainted and it's now a beautiful place for a walk round.


There's almost two sections to Messaria, there's a selection of hotels a gym and a supermarket out on the cliff edge and the village centre is a few hundred metres to the east. Messaria is just beginning to become touristy with the hotels popping up by the coast.


Monolithos is a quiet region with a collection of hotels around the beach and harbour on the east coast of Santorini just by the northern end of the airport. It gets it’s name from the large rock (Monolith in Greek) where the church of Agios Ioannis stands.


Oia is the second most popular resort on the island behind Fira. It’s a beautiful village perched on top of the caldera with amazing views. It’s a romantic little village and very popular with couples and honeymooners, it also hosts many weddings every year.


Perissa is an attractive village with whitewashed houses and volcanic scenery. It was mostly built in the sixties and some say it lacks the authentic Greek charm of other villages but it makes up for that with its relaxed sea side nightlife.


Perivolos isn't a working Greek town or an old settlement that's turned into a tourist resort, it's more simply a collection of hotels and tavernas around Perivolos beach. There's loads of tavernas, some of which stay open late and turn into bars with cocktails and music.


Pyrgos is a fairly compact and traditional Cycladic village with small winding streets and the usual white and blue houses. There's a good selection of hotels as well as restaurants and tavernas both on the main street and dotted around the town too.


Vothonas is a great place to visit, simply because of the unusual architecture of the buildings here. The village is built into the rock with many of the houses being part cave, part house which is certainly interesting and unusual.

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