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A helpful guide to choosing where to stay in Zakynthos

Our Zakynthos resort guide is designed to help travellers and holiday makers decide which towns and villages to visit on the fabulous Ionian island of Zakynthos.

It’s often the case that some people struggle to choose which island they want to visit and once they do they then struggle to pick the right place to stay, that’s where our resort guide comes in. Whether you are looking for exciting night life or stunning scenery this page helps you narrow it down.

The map above should help you to see where each village is on the island so you can check what else is in the area, this is great if you plan to get a car and travel around as you’ll know exactly what’s around before you arrive.

Zakynthos is also known as Zante so if you’re looking for a Zante resort guide then you are in the right place.

The best places to stay in Zakynthos for couples

Most resorts are suitable for couples, they’re perfect for enjoying the romantic scenery and delicious fresh food. Where you go will depend on your preferences as a couple. Maybe just avoid Laganas unless you're a couple that loves to party.

The best places to stay in Zakynthos for families

The main tourist resorts are generally located on the north east coast and around the Vassilikos peninsular, this is because that’s where you’ll find the best beaches.

The Laganas bay area is also popular but has some restrictions on the beaches due to turtles nesting there.

Alykes and Alykanas are popular with families as both have great sandy beaches and good amenities. Tsilivi is great if your kids are that bit older, teenagers will enjoy the bars and beach party in Tsilivi. Argassi is another good option for families.

Where should a group of single friends stay in Zakynthos?

Laganas is the main 18-30s resort in Zakynthos and has tons of bars and clubs to keep revellers entertained. It’s wild, hedonistic, loud and fuelled by copious levels of alcohol. If you want to take a step back from that but still enjoy the night life then Tsilivi is a good alternative.

What's the best resort in Zakynthos for older couples

Older couples and OAPs in general will probably lean towards places like Alykes, Alykanas, Kalamaki or Argassi as each of these places has everything you might want in the village so you don't have to travel to a supermarket or to find a nice restaurant.

The only downside to these villages is that they are relatively popular, if you prefer a quieter stay then perhaps somewhere like Agalas or Agios Sostis.

Quiet and traditional villages in Zakynthos

If you want to get away from the popular resorts and see something a bit more Greek, why not try one the villages in the hills like Agalas, Gyri or Maries. Other traditional villages worth a visit are Agios Leon, Kiliomenos, Agios Sostis, Anafonitira and Exo Hora.

Zakynthos resorts with great night life

The obvious choices for nightlife are Laganas for the young party animals amongst you and Zakynthos Town for those that prefer a late night cocktail bar or classy bar with some dancing.

Other large resorts like Alykes, Alykanas and Tsilivi have good nightlife without being too focused on bars and drinking so are a good mid way point.

Best Zakynthos beach resorts

The best beaches tend to be where the main tourist resorts sprung up so Alykes, Alykanas, Tsilivi and Laganas all have good beaches and a full selection of shops and other facilities. 

If you want somewhere quieter but still with a good beach then take a look at Vasilikos, there's some great beaches like Gerakas beach, Banana beach and Ionio beach too.

Top 22 Zakynthos Resorts

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Agalas is a village in the western mountains of Zakynthos, it's definitely not a tourist hot spot, it’s a charming and traditional Greek village that’s well worth exploring, there's no nightlife and just a couple of places to stay so an ideal retreat from the crowds.

Agios Leon

The small village of Agios Leon is a traditional Mediterranean village featuring quaint white washed houses with red-tiled roofs and a 14th century orthodox church which features a bell tower that was formed out of an old windmill.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a peaceful resort on the south east coast, it's an attractive village that's spread around the port and beach with a good selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, most of which are down by the beach but some are in land too.


A stay at Alykanas is like two for the price of one thanks to its close proximity to Alykes. This side of the pair is fringed by olive groves and a wonderful soft sand beach. Tourists will find a bevy of amenities including shops, bars, restaurants, and tavernas.


Alykes is an extension of nearby Alykanas and provides travellers with a desirable mid-point between the developed areas in the south and the unspoiled villages of the north. Alykes has a wide variety of hotels to choose from and tavernas to keep you well fed.


Anafonitria is a small village in the north west. The main attraction is the Monastery of Anafonitria which has stood on the outskirts of the village since the 15th century. There’s not much in the way of hotels, tavernas and shops although there is a handful of each.


Argassi is a small village on the northern coast of the Vasilikos peninsular. There's something for everyone here, a good beach, watersports, shops, restaurants, mini golf and just 4 kilometres from the capital Zakynthos town and everything on offer there.

Exo Hora

Visiting Exo Hora is like taking a step back in time, it survived the 1953 earthquake well and is untouched by tourism with no large hotels and just a couple of tavernas. It's a traditional village that's perfect for an afternoon away from the crowds.


Gyri is a tiny village in Zakynthos. Gyri has just 20-30 houses, a couple of which are rented out. There's no hotels and just a single taverna so Gyri really isn't a tourist hot spot but if you like exploring traditional Greek villages then it's perfect.


Kalamaki is located at the eastern end of the bay of Laganas on the south east coast. It's a huge sandy bay that's a haven for the endangered Logerhead turtles that nest here. Kalamaki isn't one of the most popular resorts but still boasts plenty of accommodation.


Kampi, sometimes also known as Kambi is a tiny village in the middle of the west coast of Zakynthos. As you might expect from such a tiny village, there are minimal tourist facilities, just a couple of villas to rent and a couple of tavernas on the outskirts.


The picturesque village of Katastari is close to the 17th century Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos. It's also home to a folklore museum, where you can explore a stunning collection including silver, embroidery, and traditional agricultural tools.


There’s actually two sections to Keri village, the main tourist area, known as Limni Keri that’s built around the beach and harbour with the majority of the hotels, apartments and tavernas and the more traditional village up in the hills with fantastic views.


Kiliomenos is a small settlement close to the centre of Zakynthos. where a local women’s cooperative sells local products including olive oil, wine, honey, herbs, cheese, soap, candles, sweets, liqueurs, weaving, knitting, embroidery, jewellery, ornaments, and more.


As the largest and liveliest resort on Zakynthos, Laganas is practically without competition. This huge development on the southwest coast is highly popular with young adults looking to party and is the only true 18-30 style resort on the island.


Macherado is an unspoiled hamlet filled with authentic Greek tradition and natural beauty, Amid the lush vegetation lies Agia Mavra Church, it was destroyed by a fire in 2006 but was recently restored back to it's original Venetian glory.


Maries is tucked away in the northern mountains of Zakynthos. It's a relatively undeveloped resort but there are still some hotels and tavernas, making it a lovely base for anyone wishing to escape the tourist crowds and explore the northern villages.


Tragaki lies close to the north east coast between Tsilivi and Alykanas. It enchants visitors with a combination of natural beauty and easy access to developed amenities. This resort boasts a small selection of hotels and a handful of dining options.


Tsilivi, also known as Planos is one of the most developed and popular resorts in Zakynthos.It’s extremely popular with tourists as it has everything you need including a wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, car hire shops, ATMs and more.


Vasilikos is a region at the tip of the Vasilikos peninsular. There’s no real village centre, it’s more a collection of houses and hotels in amongst the vegetation, rolling hills and olive groves. It’s not a developed tourist resort which some will love.


Volimes is a small village found up in the northern mountains of Zakynthos island, it's brimming with pine forests, olive groves, local farms, and vineyards, not to mention loads of traditional architecture and extremely authentic restaurants.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos town is the capital of the Island, it's based around the port and as you might expect is a large, bustling town with loads of restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, churches and fantastic night life. The only thing it lacks is a really good beach.

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